It could be that money is tight and you need some creative ways to spoil your child without using the credit cards. Maybe you are boycotting the commercialism of holidays and want some cool ideas to make your love and attention to your child the focus. Whatever the reason, here are some incredible gifts to give your child that they will truly love and that cost next to nothing.

Gifts that kids love that barely cost a thing - jenny at dapperhouse

1.) Kids love to cook. Take a dinner that you were already planning to make and invite your little chef to a cooking lesson in the kitchen. Depending on their age they can have fun by reading a recipe, measuring ingredients, cracking eggs and of course being proud of their results. Make the dinner a special celebration by using a special tablecloth, candles and fancy dishes.


2.) Give your child a spa day. Fill a gift bag with nail polish, nail file, travel shampoo and travel conditioner. Make a fun coupon for a spa day that includes a mani/pedi, facial, wash/blow dry and hair style. Get magazines, fruit infused carbonated water and cool cucumber slices for his/her eyes. Make face masks at home with simple ingredients to do facials too!

3.) Have an arts and crafts day making boats and sailing them at the local park or in a pool or bathtub. All you need is some recycling products, a glue gun and some creativity.


4.) Take a trip to a free zoo or a new park that you’ve never been to before. Play together and discover new things. Take snacks and drinks and have a small picnic together then lie on your back while you find shapes in the clouds.

5.) Put together a movie night with popcorn, candy and a movie on TV. Make it twice the fun buy using sheets to make a tent or fort. Get pillows, blankets and stuffed animals to make beds on the floor or couch and have a sleepover too!


6.) Have a science night and make cool experiments with color or some ooey gooey slime. It will of course be educational, but it will also be a time to connect, make memories and have some fun.

science experiments for kids - gifts that cost almost nothing - jenny at dapperhouse