Anyone who has done a kitchen renovation knows what a major project it can be. There is the fear of picking out the wrong things and regretting it later. There is having to figure out how to live without a kitchen for a long period of time when it is the most commonly used room in the home. There is also the cost of the contractors, supplies, eating out and unexpected surprises that come up along the way. There are definitely mistakes that you can avoid during a kitchen remodel if you know about them ahead of time. Here are a few.

Avoid the trendiest designs.

The trendiest styles may look really cool, but will they still be in style in five or ten years from now? Your biggest pieces such as counter tops and flooring should have more of a timeless quality. Paint, hardware and decorations are easy and inexpensive to change out but the bigger things have to have staying power. When choosing cabinets, make sure that you will have the ability to strip and stain or paint them down the road when styles change.

Make the most of the space you have.

If hiring a designer is going to make your life easier in the long run, spend the money for professional opinions and blueprints. You want efficiency in the kitchen where appliances and their coordinating cabinets are set up to be in close proximity of each other. You also want as much counter space as possible and a lot of room for people to gather together whether it be your own family or for entertaining. The kitchen has to have a flow and enough room for everyone to work around each other when making food and hanging out.

Rely on word of mouth recommendations.

Yes, there are many wonderful review sites for contractors however, the most brutally honest reviews come from customers who have lived through such a huge project first hand. From dealers, distributors and designers, to painters, flooring specialists and contractors, there are many strangers who will have access to your home and your family for long periods of time. You want them to do the quality work you expect in the time frame agreed upon from the start. You also want the people coming in to your home to not make you feel uncomfortable whether it is the language they use, whether or not they smoke or whatever things might make you feel like it is not a good fit. Get your information right from the source to be certain you are getting what you want.

Don’t skimp on the little details.

When planning for the kitchen remodeling everything adds up fast! But if you have the chance to get upgrades that will cause your life to be better and easier, do it. Get the best drawer tracks and rollers. Get the lazy susan shelves in the corner cabinets and the pull out drawers for pots and pans and for trash cans. Get as many outlets you need so that the toaster and the blender and Alexa can all be plugged in where you want them and where it makes sense to have them. Think of these little things that can make a big difference.

Knowing some common mistakes ahead of time can help you making the best choices for your kitchen remodel. Use the tips above to find trustworthy help, pick products that will last over time and find a design that will support the flow and needs of your family. Good luck on your new kitchen!