Funerals are quite solemn and sad occasions for everyone involved. While the occasion is sad, it is also important to inform the near and dear of the passing. This will give everyone the opportunity to have a final viewing paid their respects to their loved one. Sending out funeral invitations is the common way to inform everyone. Funeral programs will let everyone know of the demise and the venue where the funeral will take place.

Death in the family is a difficult time. While close family and very close friends are informed through phone calls, informing everyone known to the person may be difficult and emotional. At this tough juncture, funeral invitations are sent out to everyone with all the necessary information.

In a way, a funeral invitation is kind of an open invitation inviting everybody to attend the funeral program. While some may choose to mourn the passing of the loved one and grieve, others may choose to celebrate the life and times of their loved ones. Whatever the mood maybe, a well-worded funeral invitation is an important aspect to be kept in mind.


How can I order funeral programs?

While the family is mourning, going out to get funeral programs ordered isn’t always easy. We have the Internet to our rescue. Many online companies are in the business of taking orders online and delivering your required cards at your doorstep. You can login to their websites. Here you will find various design, layout, text and font options to choose from. Most of the designs are quite somber and tastefully done. You will also be given an option to add the photo of the person.

If you are looking for ideas, you can always use search engines to go through some design ideas that have already been used, for inspiration.

Once you have selected the card of your choice, you can place an order with the company to deliver the cards at a chosen address. A good tip here. While waiting for your cards to be delivered, gather all the addresses to post the cards. This will make tasks easier for you and save time once you receive the card consignment.

What information should I include in the funeral invitation?

Funeral invitations should be worded simply. They generally start with words like “In Loving Memory of..”. you can include their year of birth and year of death, and mention the exact date and time of death too if you wish. A simple short description about the person and how much he was loved by everyone can also be included.

Apart from the above, the invitation should include details of the venue, the date, the time, and the funeral program. You can also include details for RSVP. If the family chooses, they can request for donations or flowers in memory of the person who passed.  If it is the celebration of life invitations, you can choose to include seeds of forget-me-not flowers to be scattered by everyone.

While funerals are emotional moments, funeral invitations are a good way to commemorate the life and times of the person who passed.