I believe that some of the best things in life are FREE. 
And one of the best things in life is spending 
quality time with the people you love. 
There are gorgeous parks near our home and this is always
a great source of FREE FUN !
At one park near out home we go inside the 
trees and bushes and call it the jungle. 
We found long, dead branches and gathered them together.
We wove them together and made some forts. 
And we played there most of the summer. 
We went searching for wildlife at the ponds and found
many exciting things. Fish, a large Crane, ducks…
minnows, tadpoles and frogs, 
Turtles swimming, hiding, 
and sunning themselves. 
We saw very cool things that only nature can create. 
The park is one of the greatest places on Earth
for spending quality time together. 
Off to explore some more.