I have been facing a BIG problem my whole make-up wearing life. I have extremely pale/fair skin which has proven difficult to match. Most foundations are too dark even when purchasing the lightest shade available. Equally as bad is that foundation colors come in warm (orange/yellow) undertones or cool (pink/blue) undertones. I have warm undertones so I always end up with an orange face. It seems that even when I find a foundation that matches my skin, it changes colors after a few hours and looks bad after all. This winter I have run into the same problem again and again. I heard from a friend of mine that Mineral Hygienics has mineral foundation that is true to skin tones of all kinds and even for pale skin. When I saw that it worked for her, I knew that I had to try it for myself. Check this out! 

I could not believe the true skin tones that DID match my skin!! 
This picture shows the Mineral Hygienics foundation against 
a popular brand in the lightest color that I had been using.  
What a difference, right?
But would they stay true throughout the day?
Excitingly, the make up did stay true to color (YAY!) 
Mineral Hygienics is a bit thicker than other brands I have tried. 
This quality can be bad if you only want a sheer foundation, but if you want a variable amount of coverage for different areas of your skin, then layering this powder is the answer! 
And they have so many tones and colors to
choose from that are true to natural skin!

I like that Mineral Hygenics makes it easy to try their products with a create your own mini starter kit where you choose two shades. And it comes with the kabuki brush! But this isn’t the only reason that it is easy to try. . . all their products come with a fool proof guarantee that I believe is the sign of a great company. 

My Recommendation

So am I happy with the results after using them for some time? Yes! I like the foundations, the finishing powders and the blusher/bronzer too.  If you have the palest skin EVER then I would suggest that you get the shade “Fairest”. In the pics I am wearing “Fair” and I can even wear the “Fairly Light”. The shade “Light” is too dark for my skin right now but I am certain that this will be the shade that I use in the summertime, or at least a mix of the two darker shades. 

Here is a picture of me after an entire day of wearing the make-up. . . it still looks great!

“Have you heard the great news? Mineral Hygienics has the
foundation colors to match every skin tone. Yes, even mine!”

* I received products from Mineral Hygienics free of charge. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours. My opinions are expressed in this post and are truthful and honest. 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse