Whether you are looking for a new hobby to enjoy on the weekends or a fitness routine you
can easily stick to and delivers proven results, cycling is one of the most enduring activities
you can find.

Although everyone knows what cycling is and undoubtedly knows someone who does it
regularly, it can be easy to forget the benefits of cycling. This is because, in the face of the
latest fitness crazes, ‘sexier’ transportation methods like the car or motorbikes, and dubious
road safety standards in many parts of the world, cycling is often pushed to the back of the

However, this is a travesty because cycling boasts various benefits. For example, one of the
reasons why cycling has remained so popular (despite the popularity of more efficient
transportation methods like driving or rail) is that it ticks multiple boxes simultaneously.
Here are a few key benefits of cycling for adults:

It keeps you fit 
Arguably the greatest benefit attached to cycling is fitness. Firstly, cycling is renowned for
helping people improve their cardiovascular health. When you strain to push the pedals and
keep yourself moving, you are breathing deeply and forcing your heart to pump harder and
faster. This in turn improves the strength of your heart and blood vessels, as well as
boosting your lung capacity and ability to take enough oxygen in with every breath.
It goes without saying that this is vital for the human body and is particularly important if you
are reaching middle age and your chances of heart failure and other health conditions are

In addition, cycling is an excellent conditioning exercise, helping you to increase muscle
stamina, strength and density. In short, it helps you get lean. This is particularly true when
using a single speed bike, such as those at steed bikes – you can’t change gears to help
you, you have to put the effort in as the road changes.

You can explore new areas
Another key reason why you may want to take up cycling is that it enables you to visit new areas.  While it is possible to do this by foot, having the ability to travel far more quickly
means you can access places that might have been untenable for many walkers.
A common example of this is the popularity of cycling tours in holiday destinations. When
you are cycling, you can quickly get around an area and visit all the tourist spots.
However, unlike other transport methods – such as the car or train – you are exposed to the
elements and still moving relatively sedately. This means you can soak in the view, smell the
scents wafting from the scenery and interact with passers-by.

You have a distraction-free time slot
In the modern world, we are inundated with distractions. Whether it is smartphone app
notifications pinging in your ear, addictive social media platforms soaking up your time or the temptation to watch your favorite show on a streaming service, you are never far from digital
devices vying for your attention.

This can be damaging to your neurochemistry and leave you feeling stressed or anxious.
Thankfully, cycling enables you to escape the modern world, allowing you to soak up the
silence and watch the world go by without staring at a screen.

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