If you want to make a difference in the world and have decided that the best way to do this is to open your heart and home to a child who is in need of a loving, stable home environment, then becoming a foster parent might be an option that has crossed your mind. Becoming a foster parent is an amazing way to change a child’s life for the better and make a huge difference in the world by simply being there to meet the needs of a child who has been removed from their family for any reason. Before you become a foster parent in the UK, there is a process you’ll need to go through. The steps involve:

Residency Checks

Before you can become a foster parent in the UK, you will need to pass some basic residency checks. To foster, you will either need to be a legal resident of the UK or have indefinite leave to remain. If you have applied for indefinite leave to remain and are still waiting for the decision, then it’s best to apply to be a foster parent after you have this. If you meet these requirements, find out more about fostering in Gloucestershire here. 

Background Check

Since children who are in foster care need a stable, safe and reliable home, there are several checks that you will go through as a potential foster parent to ensure that you are a suitable choice for the child. You will need to pass background checks to become a foster parent. If there is anything from your past that might show up on a background check, then it’s best to disclose this as early as possible in the process. Depending on what it is, and how long ago it occurred, it might not always stop you from becoming a foster parent. 

Time and Work Requirements

There are no set work requirements for foster parents, but realistically, fostering is a full-time job. You are not required to either be in employment to take a child in. If you are, you will likely need to answer some questions about your work situation to ensure that you will have the time to meet the needs of the child and commit to caring for them. You’ll also need to think about if you are going to have the time to attend meetings in the daytime with professionals such as social workers. 

Home Checks

Before you can become a foster parent, you will have a visit to your home to ensure that it is a suitable environment for a child. If you are renting privately or from the council, you may need to get permission to bring a foster child into the home. You don’t need to own your home to be a foster parent. One main requirement is that your foster child can have their own bedroom

If you are thinking about offering a child a loving home, then it’s important to know the process of becoming a foster parent and making a difference.