I have lost people I loved to cancer.

To use a small and insignificant word, Cancer is “frightening”.

It is a life altering, reality changing horror.

It is also NOT a death sentence.

In fact, 
“About 65 percent of cancer survivors have lived at least five years 
since receiving their diagnosis, 
40 percent have lived 10 years or more, 
and nearly 10 percent have lived 25 years or longer.”

What really shakes my reality is when someone I have developed a 
new relationship with discloses that they are in fact 
a cancer survivor.

Each time it is like the air is sucked out of my lungs 
and before I can catch my breath,

I want to hug and hold and cry and celebrate…
but I inhale, and exhale, 
and ask if they will share their story. 

Every story is unique.



My neighbor’s young child down the street has had 
7 birthdays 
since being diagnosed and treated.

My friend who is a future educator 
will soon be celebrating another birthday with her 
children and friends and family.

My neighbor’s adult daughter who has two young babies 
will celebrate another 30-ish birthday in 2012.

The American Cancer Society is Creating More birthdays Every Day!

Watch this Inspiring and FUN Video. 

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