Taking time off to start a new family is a right of life. But when your parental leave comes to an end, you can be incredibly uncomfortable with trying to readjust to that working lifestyle. And whether you run a company of your own or you’ve got to sign back in with your boss, the adjustment is much the same. No longer do you have all day to be with your child, and you’ve got to focus your mind on other responsibilities. But we’ve put together a handy guide to try and help soothe the way for you; check it out below. 

Go in for Limited Hours at First

If you’re dreading going back to work, take it day by day. Your employer should already know the situation and be understanding, and part time hours tend to be the best way to gentle yourself back in. If you find you can take on more sooner than you thought, you can try out longer shifts or even go straight for your full time hours – the choice is up to you. And if you work for yourself, the process is the same; you just don’t have to check with anyone first! 

Find a Daycare You’re Truly Comfortable With

Sending your child to daycare might feel like a step too soon, but it’ll really help you adjust to having more time in the day. Daycares themselves are great for facilitating that return to work you may be dreading, and sending your child off to one a little earlier than necessary can help you get used to not being with your baby all day. So make sure you find a center that you’re truly comfortable with. Head over and meet the staff, review their safety policies, and make sure you feel listened to when communicating with them. 

Communicate About Your Other Responsibilities

Even though your employer might know you’re returning to work after having a baby, they might still expect a little too much of you. So have a face to face talk with them about the expectations on both sides. You need time and space, they need you to perform as best as you can, so take this chance to come to a compromise. And if you’re running your own business, it might be best to send out an email explaining what’s going on to your customer base – keeping people in the loop is great for success! 

Have a Plan Over Parent Time

Finally, make sure you can still have a fulfilling role as a parent. Most of all, when are you going to be able to spend time with your baby? Will it best to work late and be there in the morning, or vice versa? Decide on your family hours now to make sure you come up with a satisfying resolution. 

Going back to work as a new parent is daunting. However, if you’ve prepared a plan ahead of time, you’ll feel much stronger in your decision.

Main Image Credit Pexels Image – CC0 Licence