New Year’s resolutions for many seem to revolve around fitness goals. For example, many individuals choose some form of a fitness related goal as a New Year’s resolution. One of the more popular goals is to join a gym. Gym memberships skyrocket for the first couple of months at the beginning of the year. However, memberships slowly decline months after. Why is that? There are many reasons for not staying consistent with gym attendance. Surprisingly enough, there are small efforts that can be taken to minimize excuses, promote staying consistent, and eventually make the process a lifelong habit.

Challenges cannot be avoided in the process of sustaining fitness goals. In fact, overcoming these very same challenges provide great results, especially if one is consistent. Fitness centers or gyms can be very intimidating but also rewarding for first-time attendees. To be surrounded by other fitness motivated individuals could encourage new members to keep at a fitness regimen and maintain membership. Knowing that the gym has effective weight loss and muscle building equipment that is accessible to the members for just a monthly fee could also contribute to a new member staying consistent.

Gyms provide convenience, not only in the way of making usually expensive equipment accessible through a membership fee, but also providing other avenues of wellness that doesn’t require as much strenuous effort as using gym equipment. For example, some gyms have swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and even saunas. Most gyms have a locker room and showers. However, one thing that most do when working out rigorously is sweat. Surprisingly, not every fitness center has cloth towels or paper towels in reach when members are utilizing exercise equipment.

This small fact contributes to making gym visits more pleasant by knowing what to bring when visiting one. Having a bag prepared for frequent gym visits can ease some of the excuses for not attending on a certain day. So, what goes into the gym bag? Instead of having to run back and forth to the restroom to grab a paper towel, which totally interrupts a workout; carrying body wipes in a gym bag can be far more effective. Body wipes should not be underestimated. Some gym intimidation can result from the worry of personal hygiene while enduring a sweaty workout. Staying fresh while sweating is made possible through the body wipes.

In addition to body wipes, here is a list of items that a gym bag should contain to assist in making visits more comfortable and feasible for any gym member:

· A beverage for hydration

· A snack for nutrition

· Hygiene products for after a workout

· A ponytail holder for hair if desired

· A towel if showering on premises

· Cosmetic products if desired

· Gym wear

Gym wear may be underestimated when it comes to staying consistent as a gym member because it really makes a difference for workouts. The right workout gear prevents the fear of accidental revelations of certain body parts during exercises. The removal of this kind of fear allows the freedom to take on a variety of exercises without worrying about giving other gym members an inappropriate display of private body areas. Nowadays, there is a variety of fashionable workout gear for both men and women. Many of these companies really take into consideration the exercises that will possibly be performed while wearing their clothing. This is of great benefit to fitness aspirers because having to worry about what one will wear to the gym can easily become an excuse to not go.

Minimizing concerns and gym intimidation are crucial to staying motivated to attend the gym. Staying consistent and prepared can really help with making fitness more than just a New Year’s resolution, but rather a success. That is why it’s important to really create a regimen and stick to it. A gym membership is more than a resolution. Signing that contract should be more like signing a lifelong commitment to wellness. It’s more than just a monthly or annual payment. It’s a contract to oneself to commit to changing one’s life for the better. If a gym membership is treated more like a marriage rather than a date, then it is possible the member will take it seriously and even make it a lifelong commitment.