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I love helping my children learn to appreciate the little things. I want them to know that there are 1001 ways to show someone you care that will never cost a thing and that will mean more than all the money in the world. I want them to recognize that love can be found in the smallest details and can be shown with a little bit of effort and thoughtfulness. This snack is just one of the ways that I can make a mark on my children’s hearts by going that extra mile to put together a healthy snack that says “I love you”! I want to share it with you so that you can share some tasty love with someone special that you adore. Here is how to make this strawberry banana snack mix.

Strawberry and Banana Snack Mix - A Tasty Way to Say I Love You - jenny at dapperhouse #recipe

How to make this snack mix: 

You will need some air popped, plain popcorn to start with.

start with popcorn for this tasty and healthy snack mix that says I LOVE YOU #recipe #snack

Add dried cranberries or dried cherries.

add dried cranberries to the I Love You snack mix #recipe @dapperhouse

Add freeze dried strawberries and bananas.

add dried strawberries and bananas to your snack mix to your I love you #recipe

Add Kashi brand Heart to Heart cereal.Mix and enjoy!

add kashi Heart to Heart cereal to your snack mix #recipe

You can also add some Teddy grahams because they look so cute!

add some teddy grahams to the I Love You healthy and tasty snack mix @dapperhouse

(I prefer the chocolate flavor with this mix).

What little things do you do to show your kids that you love them!


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