If you are a horse lover, you will attest to the fun of going on trail rides on a saddle. Much more than being fun, horseback riding also packs countless benefits for health-both physical and mental. Yes, there are many reasons why you might to join the bandwagon if you haven’t yet! Well, here are some health benefits that any adult will derive from horse riding:

Improved strength and muscle tone

When riding a horse, you will have to adjust yourself to the horse’s movement. Far from popular belief, horseback is not merely sitting on a horse and going along the ride. You engage muscles throughout your body with a single ride. Over time, you get to tone muscles on the core, arms and inner thighs. 

Increased core strength

In addition to being fun, horseback riding helps strengthen the body core. Since you have to use thigh muscles and others to balance on the horse, you will inevitably exert them. That will lead to improved core strength. That is why most people love incorporating horse riding into their isometric fitness endeavors. 


We need good posture to minimize the stress on our backs. Horse riding encourages good posture since you have to engage the core, chest and back muscles to balance on the animal. Posture significantly improves the more you continue to ride. That is because you learn to relax and straighten your back. You no longer need to grip the horse with your thighs or push your feet too hard into the stirrup. If you are a beginner and need to build your confidence on a horse, click here to learn more about horses and the tools and equipment you will need to make the journey smoother.  

Better coordination and flexibility

We need to move our bodies to remain fit and healthy. Movement is significantly easier when you have proper coordination and flexibility. Horse riding contributes to that by allowing for spatial awareness. Your coordination will get better since you have to use your legs, arms and seat at the same time to ride smoothly. Other body parts like your hips are also in constant motion when riding a horse, making it possible to improve flexibility. 

Excellent cardio

Horseback riding is an excellent form of medium intensity exercise. It gives you a good level of cardiovascular activity as it increases heart rate and allows you to burn hundreds of calories. 

Better circulation

You move with the natural rhythm of the horse when riding a horse. The movement helps with circulation throughout your body which is essential for optimal health. Moreover, the motion stretches tight muscles and extends the range of motion for your joints. 

Improved breathing

Horse riding gives you a proper whole-body workout. You will need to breathe deeply to supply the muscles in your back, core and arm with sufficient oxygen. That counts as a good breathing exercise. Also, since you need to regulate your breathing when controlling the horse, you are more likely to have better breathing. 

Reduced stress

Horse riding is a calming activity, especially after you get the hang of it. Hanging out with your horse increases serotonin levels in the brain. That instantly puts you in a great mood. Also, it is difficult to focus on your troubles when you have a task at hand that requires a lot of coordination. 

Wrapping up

Horseback riding is a great way to build physical strength and grow mental clarity. Also, it is the perfect excuse to be outdoors and enjoy spending time in nature. It is for sure a good thing for both the body and soul.