Some job roles don’t require much compassion at all. It might just be a case of working with machinery or getting on with a pile of paperwork. Others, though, are much more human-focused and require someone who has a genuinely caring nature. If you are a compassionate person, here are seven of the best career paths to consider. 

1: Human Resources (HR) 

It makes sense that you need to be compassionate for a role that has the word “human” in the title. HR deals with the people inside a company, ensuring everyone is treated fairly and with respect. They manage payroll, deal with conflict, organize the onboarding process, and so much more. Without compassion, HR wouldn’t be as fair as it needs to be. 

2: Thanatology 

The thanatology field isn’t for everyone. It deals with death—psychologically, spiritually, physically, and more. It takes a truly compassionate person to understand all the nuances of this subject, and deal with it sensitively. Plus, many thanatology careers (such as funeral directing and grief counseling) involve dealing with people who have suffered a loss, and that requires true empathy. If this field interests you, you can start your journey with an online thanatology degree.  

3: Counseling 

Counseling involves a lot of talking. It’s not just conversation, either—often, the conversations involve sensitive subject matters about a person’s life, with the goal of helping improve their mental health. Counselors should be compassionate towards the individual while professional enough to stay unbiased.  

4: Veterinarian

Seeing hurt animals might be challenging for those with a lot of empathy, but deep compassion is a must if you want to thrive in this career. After all, you need compassion for the animals if you want to help them to the best of your ability. Becoming a veterinarian isn’t an easy task, but for someone who’s passionate about animals and has a compassionate nature, it can be the perfect path. 

5: Nursing

Nurses often have a challenging time. They may clock in at 7pm and then not finish until midday the next day. It’s not just stamina and drive that allows nurses to push through—it’s compassion, too. A truly compassionate person can empathize with both the first patient of the day and the fiftieth. 

6: Criminal Justice 

Many people wouldn’t be cut out for working in criminal justice. It often involves working face-to-face with convicts, which can be difficult. Compassionate people tend to have an easier time in this field, as they can understand the crime committed and still treat the person with fairness and respect. 

7: Education 

If you think working as an educator is just about standing in front of a class and relaying information, you’d be wrong. Teaching requires energy, motivation, passion, and, of course, compassion. You need to genuinely care for your students if you want to inspire them to succeed. 

There are many more careers to suit the compassionate individual—these are just seven of the best. Whether you want to work with animals, grieving people, convicts, or general office folk, there is a career out there for you and your caring nature.