Testing anxiety affects up to 40% of students. This is why it’s important to give yourself all of the right tools to feel more confident when test day comes around.

Whether you’re studying for your next business exam or your high school English test, creative study methods are the key to success.

By breaking up the monotony of your study regimen, you’re engaging your brain in all news ways to remember vital information. If you’re uncertain where to start, keep reading. We’ll go through seven of the best study methods to give you a head start in your next exam!

  1. Decorative Flashcards

Using flashcards is a common tool for most students, but have you ever put extra effort into decorating them? By giving each card a unique design, you’ll associate that design with the information written on the card. Spending extra time on each flashcard means you put in more energy into writing down and presenting the information. 

This makes it easier to recall the answers when you’re in the middle of your exam. You’ll remember those extra minutes you spent decorating the flashcard even if the question on your exam leaves you stumped.

Plus, decorating each card is a lot of fun and a great stress reliever.

The next time you aren’t certain how to proceed with your study materials, make your own flashcards!

  1. Create Your Own Tests

One of the best studying tips is to take all of the information you need to remember and quiz yourself. By creating the questions to the test, you have to examine the information in a different way. You also need to understand the information so that you can phrase that information into a question.

You’ll look at the material in a similar way that your professor might, which gives you a good insight into potential questions that will show up on the real test.

After you’ve made your test, leave it for a day or two and then take the test as a refresher. This gives you a lot of good practice for when the real deal comes your way.

  1. Dramatic Reading

For most of us, reading dry material is a chore that we’d rather skip. If you’re looking to do your best on an upcoming exam, you have to persevere.

To make it more exciting, read the material out loud in a dramatic way. Try on an Australian accent or speak as though you live in the ’50s.

This puts a whole new spin on the information written in front of you and breaks up the dullness. If your friends or family are willing, have them read along with you. It’s one of the most effective study methods and it’s a whole lot of fun, too!

  1. Make a Game

Playing games is a much more appealing prospect than spending the next hour studying. Why not merge them to get the best of both worlds?

There are a lot of different ways to turn your study material into a fun game that still helps you remember it during the exam. For example, Jeopardy is a classic game that works great for studying so use that as inspiration. Bring along some of your classmates to get the most out of this exercise.

Don’t forget to reward yourself every time you win!

  1. Use Lots of Color

Staring at a black and white page is a strain on your eyes after a while. It’s also a strain on your brain as it struggles to stay engaged with the information.

Introducing pops of color to your study material is one of the best study tips for finals. It makes reading through a page more interesting and gives your eyes different things to focus on.

Make sure to add colorful highlights or notes to yourself in the material. Don’t stick to only one color, use several. Use specific colors to organize the information or pick out your favorite color and use all of its shades.

Try not to put too much color all in one area or else it’ll become an eyesore. Keep a good balance between highlighting vital information and giving your eyes a break.

  1. Write a Story

If you feel like taking a break but still need to study some more, try writing a story about the material you’re studying. Presenting the information in a whole new way is a good study method and the extra burst of creativity makes it exciting.

It doesn’t have to be a bestseller. Anything that gets you thinking with other parts of your brain makes studying more effective. Write down whatever comes to your mind, whether it’s a thrilling car chase or a calm story about a walk in a park.

Try to find creative ways to introduce your study material into the story.

  1. Doodle Ideas

Even if you believe that you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, doodling is something everyone can do. Incorporating this into your studying is an interesting way to give you new things to associate with the information.

Scribble down little characters that go through the numbers on your business exam. Draw out something to help you remember that one bit of information that never seems to stick.

Having visual representations of the different ideas makes the information feel new again which is important after you’ve studied for a while. You’re engaging a different part of your brain and having fun while doodling. It’s the best of both worlds!

The Best Study Methods Always Include Dedicated Breaks

Whenever you feel as though you’re in a slump, try some of the above study methods. They’ll bring a spark of creativity and fun into your routine that makes the information even easier to remember.

While studying, always make sure to include several breaks so that you don’t burn yourself out from information overload. It’s important to space out your studying so that you’re at peak condition when trying to memorize things for your exam!

If you’re currently studying to become an entrepreneur, make sure to check out the rest of our blog for all the latest in the business world!