Are you considering getting a puppy? Having a puppy can be the happiest time of your life. Puppies are the sweetest, cutest most loveable creatures in the world. They can bring you so much joy with their companionship. They can get you up and moving. They can help you relax when they are ready to snuggle. There are so many reasons to love a new puppy. Best of all, they love you unconditionally and want to be your best friend. Here are 5 reasons to get a puppy.

Puppies Provide Companionship.

If you are lonely, a puppy will provide you round the clock friendship. Puppies have a lot of needs and you are there to provide for their basic needs like food and water, exercise, sleep and safety. Puppies want to play, go on walks and snuggle. Even at night for awhile, puppies may get up and need your attention if they need to go potty or need you to provide comfort. You can’t leave puppies alone for long periods of time, so they will be with you almost all the time. You won’t have anymore time to feel lonely. Your new puppy will be your new best friend.

Puppies Get You Moving

If you want a good reason to get up and get moving, a puppy is just the thing! Puppies need lots of exercise so in turn, you will be getting a lot of exercise too. Taking a few long walks or many short walks throughout the day is a necessity for puppies. Also enjoy things like swimming, playing fetch, hiking and playing in the snow. Depending on the size and energy level of your dog’s breed, puppies require a lot of physical activity.

Puppies Provide Relief from Stress

There are even scientific studies showing that having a puppy reduces stress. Petting and snuggling with a puppy lowers your heart rate and therefore tension. There is specific research to show that people who have puppies recover faster from heart attacks than non pet owners. Other studies show how a non-medicinal way to combat depression and stress is to focus on something beyond yourself, like taking care of a puppy who depends on you for everything, food, water, shelter, happiness and more. When you are super stressed, a puppy’s wagging tail and face full of kisses calms you down and cheers you up all at the same time.

Puppies Can Help You Be More Social

If you are an introvert and have difficulty reaching out to strangers, having a puppy takes away all the pressure and anxiety. Puppies are irresistible so just the act of going on a walk will allow you to interact with people who stop to admire your new dog. It is essential that your new puppy gets socialization with other people than you but also with other dogs. Going to a dog park will provide both of those for your dog. In turn, you will meet other responsible dog owners and instantly have lots to talk about.

Puppies Can Help You Learn Patience

If you have anger issues or get frustrated easily then a puppy probably isn’t for you. Puppies require a lot of dedication and work, Puppies make a lot of mistakes at first especially when potty training and learning other acceptable behaviors. This is where we have to provide a lot of patience. Puppies are very cute and affectionate so it is hard to get upset with a sweet little ball of love, but tending to a puppy is a lot of work too and patience comes in to play 100 % when going through teaching a puppy how to behave. Patience is key when being a kind puppy owner.

Puppies Require Us to be Our Best Selves

Puppies are a handful and require responsibility, patience and dedication. They require us to budget our time, educate ourselves on puppy matters and save money for emergencies or big purchases. These are all good qualities that humans need to have so as you can see, puppies bring out the best in us. We also learn to love more, show affection and have unrelenting dedication to our puppies. We really are our best when we are being good puppy parents.

Are you considering getting a puppy? Maybe you are trying to convince your parent, partner or friend to get a puppy. These 6 reasons above should convince just about anyone that having a puppy can improve your life by bringing out the best in you.

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