Many of you read about my shopping and saving experience at Dominick’s Grocery Stores last week. (If you didn’t, you should go check out my shopping experience). I shop there because the stores that I have been to are well laid out, generously stocked with everything I need and are clean. As well, they have almost everything I buy on sale every week, superior customer service, wide isles and did I mention Low Prices on Tons of Items? The fact that I get free gas just for shopping there makes me the happiest person ever. I work very hard for my money and there is not enough to by everything that we need every week, so saving 10 cents for EACH Gallon of gas really helps. 20 cents and even an entire $1 on Each Gallon helps tremendously. And it just so simple! It works like this. . . shop and save. That’s right. Just shop using your free rewards card and save at any participating mobile store when you fill up. You don’t normally get something Free that easily these days! Dominick’s is so generous that they are giving YOU the opportunity to win a $50 gift card to their store so that you can start earning your points to saving big at the pump with their Gas Rewards  Program.

YOU CAN WIN $50 TO Dominick’s Grocery Stores!



“According to a recent Dominick’s survey, one-third of families go out of their way to look for deals because saving money is important to them. Nearly three out of four people will drive out of their way to purchase more affordable gas, and 76 percent of consumers said they would change where they grocery shop and purchase gas to save money. With more than a quarter of consumers spending up to $175 on gas and up to $300 on groceries each month, saving money is important. Dominick’s listens to its shoppers, and we understand the importance of stretching grocery dollars,” said Mir Aamir, president of Customer Loyalty and Digital Technologies at Safeway, the parent company of Dominick’s. “By teaming up with Mobil, we’re able to thank our customers with a loyalty program that makes two frequent and critical purchases lead to real savings.”

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This giveaway Ends Wednesday March 27th 2013

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