There may be several reasons as to why you may want to make your house more child friendly; whether you are expecting a baby or you have young family members visiting on a regular basis, it is definitely a good idea to make the living areas as child friendly as possible. If you are expecting your first child, you are probably highly excited about transforming your home into a place that will keep your little one happy and most importantly, safe. 

Here are five ways in which you can make your house more child friendly.

Remove Potential Hazards

From electrical appliances, to wires and cables, there are likely to be household items that need to be removed out of the reach of children. Especially if infants will be in your home, it is important that anything hazardous is kept well out of their way, as everyone knows babies love to put items in their mouths and would not see the danger of biting on a wire. 

It is also important to ensure your home environment is suitable for a child, by ensuring it is warm enough during the colder months and everything is working accordingly. If you’re concerned about costly repairs related to homeownership, such as the repair of major appliances or a heating and cooling system, protection plans like HomeServe home warranty plans can offer some protection and peace of mind. 

Add Fun Areas to Play

Children love playing, no matter where they are, which is why one of the most crucial ways you can make your home child friendly, is by adding designated play spots within your home. You could add a rocking horse into the living room, and a box of toys in a bedroom—it does not need to be overly expensive.

It is easy for children to get bored easily, so interactive games are a good way to keep little ones entertained during family gatherings such as BBQs or birthdays. 

Create a Quiet Space 

As much as children love the option to run around and play all day, they also need time to relax and chill out after all of their exciting fun. If you have several young children in the house, it may be a nice idea to add bean bags in the living room in front of the TV so that they can watch a movie or have a nap. 

Make the Most of The Backyard

Particularly in the summer, children love playing outside. If you have a big backyard, with a lot of open space, there may be room for a paddling pool to be used during those hot and humid summer days. 

Remove Locks on Bathroom Doors

One of the concerns with having locks on doors around the house, is that children could get stuck in the bathroom and not be able to get out if they use the lock and cannot figure out how to get it open again. Removing the locks may be a hassle, but it will ensure peace of mind when a child uses the toilet.