Unsurprisingly, more people are working remotely from home these days, either for their employers or as freelancers. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how everyone works, and giving people flexible ways to work daily is one of those changes.

The only downside to working from home is that you can sometimes feel unmotivated – partly because there’s no clear distinction between home and work!

One way to un-blur the lines is by creating a dedicated workspace in your home. The following five tips and tricks will explain the best ways of achieving that goal to improve productivity, efficiency, and, most importantly, motivation:

1. Select The Perfect Area In Your Home

The first thing to do is choose the most appropriate area for your workspace at home. You want to select a location for your home office that lets in plenty of natural light, is in a quiet part of your abode, and has a door to give you some privacy and minimize distractions.

If you don’t have any space within your home but have a garden, consider investing in a garden office building.

2. Buy The Best Office Desk And Chair

You’ll likely spend much of your time working at a computer or doing things that require you to sit down somewhere and concentrate. That’s why investing in a decent office desk and chair for your workspace makes perfect sense!

Choose a desk and chair combination where both are height-adjustable. Also, the desk should offer cable management to keep your home office area neat and tidy.

Consider trying a few office chairs before deciding on the perfect one, as it must feel supportive and comfortable for your needs.

3. Get Air Conditioning Installed

When the weather gets warm, you want to feel cool and comfortable as you work. Using a fan is one thing, but an air conditioning installation is an excellent idea for the ultimate summer comfort.

Aside from the obvious cooling benefits, air conditioning also filters the air of allergens – perfect if you are asthmatic or have some other respiratory condition, for instance.

Moreover, you can use your air conditioning system to remove moisture from the air during winter.

4. Invest In State-Of-The-Art Technology

Do you need to use a computer for work? If so, forget about using that annoying years-old laptop that keeps crashing and runs applications slowly. Instead, invest in the latest and greatest technology for your home office workspace to boost your productivity.

Additionally, get a separate fiber broadband Internet connection installed so you don’t experience any Web slowdowns if other household members go online from elsewhere in your home while you work.

5. Personalize Your Workspace

Lastly, make your workspace unique by adding photos or paintings you cherish. Just because it’s a separate space in your home doesn’t mean you can’t remind yourself of people or things that make you happy with photographic memories and artwork!

Make your space your own by adding plants or painting the walls in your favorite colors.