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Baby steps are a great way to conquer big time goals. If you are like me and want to burn 300 – 500 calories per day these aerobic activities will get your heart rate up enough to do some serious damage to those fat cells! Here are 5 ways that you can burn 100 calories right now.

5 ways to burn 100 calories right now - jenny at dapperhouse

1.) Do you have Stairs in or near your home or office? Time yourself and run as fast as you can (while being safe and steady on the stairs) for 6 minutes. If you need to walk the stairs do it quickly, skip every other step and add 5 minutes to your time. Hold weights while you walk for an extra work out!


2.) Ready to relive your child hood? Grab a jump rope and keep going (even if you keep messing up) until you get into a fast groove and do this for 10 minutes. Believe me the time will fly by and you will feel invigorated!

3.) Crank up that ipod and dance like a rock star for 20 minutes on your lunch break before you eat. Flail your arms, move those feet around, jump up and down, shatter your guitar. . . whatever it takes to get that heartrate up for 20 minutes straight. (You may want to close the blinds.)


4.) Not ready to go big or go home? Then don’t run and take a walk (although not leisurely) for 20 minutes as briskly as you can to get a little winded. This is easy on the heart, the back, knees and other joints. Walking is a great way to burn some calories while doing something healthy overall for your body.

5.) Kick a soccer ball around for 15 minutes running and chasing the ball as you go and you will burn another 100 faster than you know it!


It is fairly easy (as you can see) to find ways to get your heart racing, your lungs heaving and your blood pumping. That is the secret to burning calories, staying healthy and losing weight.

What are some ways that you like to burn calories?