So I just ate Dragon Fruit for the first time ever! My son saw it in the store and was so excited because he had eaten Dragon Fruit for the first time on a trip to Hawaii and wanted me to try it too. I was definitely intrigued because it was so interesting and beautiful and vibrant. I didn’t know what to expect when he cut it open but it reminded me of a kiwi by the texture and the way it looked. I tasted it and it was again similar to a kiwi only with a hint of melon and pear and very, very bland. Barely sweet. Barely there. All I could think about were some REALLY good ideas of why you would want to eat this fruit! Here are 10 of them.

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What is Dragon Fruit and 10 Reasons to Eat It 

Dragon Fruit is a cactus fruit from the Americas. It comes in a couple of varieties but this is the most common. They are a little sweet, a lot bland and similar in texture to a kiwi fruit. They are grown all year round in places like Mexico and Hawaii but their peak season is late summer and early fall. The plant itself is so beautiful that it is grown as a decorative plant! The fruit is a bonus. Here are 10 reasons to eat it.

1.) It is bland so for kids or adult that are picky, it is a great way to try new foods.

2.) It is fast and easy to eat. You cut it in half, pull off the pink skin and you have the fruit ready to cut and eat.

3.) It is different and interesting so it makes a perfect addition to fruit salad and fruit trays.

4.) It is a fruit that is high in antioxidants which help fight aging and boosts your immune system.

5.) They are low in sugar and in calories so they are a great dieting and healthy eating food.

6.) They are high in fiber for healthy heart, blood sugar and digestion. Plus it helps you feel satisfied longer so you eat less junk food.

7.) They look absolutely beautiful in a fruit bowl on display. And so perfect for a pop of color for a partyscape.

8.) It is a refreshing snack for warm weather. Store your dragon fruit in the refrigerator until cold. Slice in half and eat with a spoon! It is comprised of 80% water which is refreshing and hydrating too.

9.) A good amount of vitamin C is found in dragon fruit along with B vitamins, iron and even protein!

10.) The taste is not overpowering and it is super healthy so sneak it into smoothies for yourself and the kids!

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