Self-care is essential for busy moms, and they deserve it more than anyone else. Pick a routine sooner than later if you have been skimping on it. It can help you stay sane amid the everyday workload and parenting challenges. But indulging in yourself is easier said than done when you have a couple of kids running around. Your children can always prevent you from scheduling time for self-care, no matter how old they are. But you can try a few tricks to keep them busy while you soak in a warm tub, indulge in a massage, or just relax. Here are the ones worth trying.

Create a library at home

Most parents worry about kids being hooked to gadgets, but you can do your bit to break the habit. The best way to keep your children busy is by having a library at home. This way, you can cultivate the love for reading in them and get them off gadgets. Look for age-appropriate books that keep them happy and engaged while you take time off from childcare.

Bring art and craft supplies

While buying a self-care kit for yourself, get some art and craft supplies for the little ones. Opt for non-messy stuff like origami and non-toxic clay, as you will not have to worry about leaving kids on their own. Guide them before handing over the supplies independently. Also, do not expect an in-house artist. Acknowledge the effort and encourage them to show their creativity. 

Get new toys

Investing in some new toys for your children is a good idea if you want to embrace a regular self-care ritual. Buy ones with a repeat value so that the little ones can play with them day after day. For example, a kitchen play set for kids is an ideal role-play toy children of all ages love. You can trust such role-play toys to keep the little ones busy for hours. Before leaving the child with the toys, check them to ensure no edged and non-toxic material.

Create a scavenger hunt

Mommies who do not mind a bit of mess can get their children busy with a scavenger hunt. But you have to plan carefully to ensure their safety and also keep them from disturbing you. Set a designated area such as your living room, and hide some clues around. Lead the kid to something they love, maybe a new toy, a bag of cookies, or their favorite candy. You will have a happy child waiting by the time you complete your spa session.

Organize a cleaning spree

If a child is old enough, you can set them on a cleaning spree while investing time in self-care. Most kids love decorating their rooms themselves, so give them a free hand. You may make some changes later, but giving the child creative freedom makes them happy. Consider rewarding them with a goodie or taking them out for ice cream when you are both done.

Self-care should be a priority for moms, and kids shouldn’t keep you from indulging in your well-being. Keep them busy with these tips, and pamper yourself the way you want.