You need to embrace smart AI assistants right now. It’s not as hard as you think, and it’s definitely not expensive. Here are some of the greatest reasons that will change your life.

Improved Health and Wellbeing

Looking after your health is vital for a fulfilling life. But it isn’t really that interesting, and you may not have the time. However, there are numerous smart devices that do all the work for you. From standard apps to unique smart beds, you can track your sleep patterns to understand your nighttime behavior. Additionally, AI devices like Alexa can remind you of your exercise schedule or when to order medication and health supplements. Alexa is being used so well in hospitals and homes that Amazon has a healthcare division to focus on improving the tech further.

Automated Assistance for the Disabled

One of the best uses for modern smart technology is the assistance certain devices can provide to the disabled. For example, suppose you have severely limited mobility. In that case, you aren’t able to do the things that most people take for granted each morning. However, you can create a ritual that sets your lighting, brews a coffee, and switches on the morning news with smart-enabled devices like light bulbs, appliances, and TVs. And the process is relatively easy using the “routine” features of associated devices apps, such as Alexa on your smartphone.

It’s Easy to Embrace Smart Technology

You might think that using smart devices is difficult. While there are some things you will need to learn, getting to grips with them is relatively simple. Some can be annoying to set up inside an AI app, but you don’t need to do it again once you have done it. And almost all smart devices connect to apps like Alexa in the same way. You need a working Wi-Fi connection and a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet that meets minimum operating requirements. In most cases, you install the device’s app and pair each device with your AI companion (Alexa).

Save Money as Expenses Increase

There is no end to the advantages of smart devices and hubs. And as the cost of living increases, they can actually save you money. For example, LED smart bulbs alone use up to 90% less energy. However, you can also install smart boilers and thermostats that you can control remotely or using your AI assistant. Or you can install smart plugs, which you can ask Alexa to switch off when you aren’t using them, saving on electricity. Of course, many of these devices have an initial cost. But the long-term savings outweigh immediate expenses.

Safety and Security in a Criminal World

Crime is a fact of life. No matter where you live, where you are from, or your social status, you are a potential victim. Therefore safety and security are essential for a stress-free life. But, of course, your home is a massive target, especially when you aren’t there. Fortunately, AI assistants and smart devices can protect your house. Alexa Guard is a great example. This free feature will alert you to particular sounds like breaking glass. Or even if your smoke alarm is going off. And if you have an Alexa device with cameras, you can see the event happening.


You don’t need to be “techy” to use AI and smart devices. Most are user-friendly and aren’t expensive. You can use them for health improvements, security, and saving money on energy.

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