There are so many maintenance issues that can arise in any home, and one of the major issues is always going to be water. If you are having trouble with your water, then that is something that can really drastically affect your life and the experience of living in your home. You need it to drink, to bathe and so on – so it’s vital. If your water is suddenly not flowing at all in your home, there are a few possible reasons that might be the case. Let’s take a look at the four most common of these, so you can hopefully get to the bottom of it as soon as possible.

Broken Pump

If you have a system which uses pumps somewhere – which the vast majority do – then one thing that can happen is that one or more pumps become broken. When this happens, it means that the water can’t get to the taps anymore, and you won’t have any flowing at all. To check this, try and locate the pump and see if it seems to be whirring when you have a tap on. If not, it might need fixing or replacing. Water pump repair is best done by a professional, so call someone in to do it for you quickly.

Blocked Tap

It is always worth checking other taps too, because it might be that you are only having issues with the one tap – or with a couple, but not all of them. If you go around and check the others as well, you should pretty soon have an idea of whether you have a blocked tap, or whether the problem is something else altogether. A blocked tap is actually one of the easier problems to fix, but it might also be worth checking for other issues in the system too, just in case you have more than one problem.

Water Company Failure

Sometimes it might be that the water company itself is not delivering water to your home. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and though it is rare, it is always possible. So if you have tried some other steps and you are still not getting water, it is worth calling your water company to see if they are aware of any issues. It might be that they already have someone working on it, or you could have altered them to a problem they didn’t know about. Either way, it will help to expedite the solution for you and perhaps other people too.

Stuck Valve

Sometimes, it’s as simple as a valve being stuck shut. If you know where your valves are, you can go and have a look at them and see whether there are any that are shut. This is a very simple thing to fix, but you might want to see what caused it to get stuck so you can make sure it doesn’t happen again. All in all, however, this is quite a straightforward fix so it’s something to look into.

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