For most of the country, Mother’s Day will look a little different while we practice social distancing. With some afraid to travel and others not allowed in nursing homes, it can leave many feeling  hopeless and brokenhearted. However, during these uncertain times, showing love is the best way to show mom how much she is missed and appreciated, and how important she is. No matter where you find yourself this Mother’s Day, whether near or far, here are a few ideas to celebrate the day as mother and daughter with the maternal figure in your life.

Nursing Home Visit

If you have a mom or grandmother at a nursing home that won’t allow access to guests, try dropping off some flowers and breakfast first thing in the morning. If they’re staying on the ground level, and if the home will allow it, bring breakfast for the both of you and set up a fold out table and chair next to their window. You can have breakfast together and have conversations over speaker phone so the visit remains contactless for the both of you.


Delivery and Facetime

If you’re states apart and know your mom’s favorite restaurant, have the restaurant deliver her favorite meal while you do the same with your favorite restaurant and have brunch together over Facetime. If you’ve got siblings that you think will want to join in, have them order their favorite meals and use a video service like Zoom to connect all of you together. 

If you’re going to be using a video conferencing app, make sure you give everyone notice prior to Mother’s Day so that they have enough time to download it and get comfortable working the software or platform. There’s nothing more frustrating than planning a time to connect together and having technical difficulties that will force you to cancel. 

At-home Tea Party

Remember when you were a little girl and you would ask your mom to have a tea party with you? 

Relive that memory with your own daughter and mother. Send out a personalized invitation to your mom’s house inviting her to a tea party that you will be hosting. Since wearing your best dress is part of the fun, you can shop online for Poppy and Dot dresses for women to find dresses to go along with your tea party theme. Make sure to also add the attire to the invitation so your mom doesn’t come underdressed. 

Help her in the garden 

If you’d like to celebrate with your mom but want to continue practicing the 6 feet apart rule, there’s no better time to help her in the garden where you can have just enough space. You can help her get her weeding done, plant new succulents or vegetables, and enjoy each other’s company while working together. Have a gift basket made that includes a pair of personalized gardening gloves, hat, a few gardening tools, and seeds that she’s sure to use on her special day. 

It might be hard to go all out for mom this year so even if it’s just making her breakfast in bed, give her something special to look forward to.