We all have our morning routines that can be very hard to break. Our morning often starts with a cup of coffee, a shower or a meditation. It could include a fruit smoothie, exercise or simply getting dressed for work. I am certainly not suggesting that you overhaul your current, comfortable patterns for a set of new ones. I don’t want to get out out of your groove. But perhaps you can find one or two new little additions to your morning to produce positive changes that will last throughout your day.

ONE. Every expert in the field of nutrition, fitness and wellness will agree that the number one most important factor in overall health and a morning routine is . . . breakfast! (Of course.) How many of us grab something in a rush on our way out the door, or eat the leftovers from our kids’ plates as we’re clearing their plates? Adding breakfast to your mornings doesn’t have to be a hassle. Make them ahead of time, make them easy to eat on the go, or even eat it once you get to work! Good carbs and a serving of protein in the morning is exactly what your body and your mind need to revive your metabolism, sharpen your focus and deal with stress. Not only this, but a healthy breakfast without refined carbohydrates also reduces craving throughout the day.

My favorite breakfast is a low fat protein shake with tons of spinach and a bit of blueberries. You can go here and here to learn the secrets to why I choose these two plant based ingredients in my protein. If you are a vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian (like I am) you can try a vegetable based protein powder. If you are a carnivore, you can try this protein powder with 6 different types of protein and intense flavors.

TWO. Ditch your second cup of coffee or tea for some that that is infused with the exact things that you need for your day like vitamins in tea that support your metabolism and make you feel sharper, superfood and probiotics in coffee that help your heart and improve digestion, superfood and probiotics in tea that reduce stress and increase focus, and vitamin D and antioxidants in coffee for happiness and anti-aging. Even a simple glass of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon on an empty stomach before your first cup of coffee can boost your immune system, jump start digestion, provide electrolytes and reduce pain and inflammation in your joints.

THREE. Stretching for a bit in the morning, especially right when you wake up after being sedentary all night, has many real health benefits. And we’re not talking about a workout that will take up time and force a major interruption to your morning routine, but rather a simple stretching session that you can do in bed and right when you get out. Think of a full body stretch, a supine twist, figure four and child’s pose. Stretching is proven to improve blood circulation to the body and your mind. You will alleviate joint discomfort and activate your muscles. You will improve your posture and relax tight muscles. You will feel great starting your day!

It is good to incorporate new things into our routines that will certainly cause us to have a healthier day. A better body and mind from morning to night is a fantastic reward to reap from such little changes. Which one of these are you going to try? Lemon water, better for you coffee and tea or an invigorating stretching session?