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If your relationship is stuck in a rut you might be facing a critical time of “make or break” in your relationsip. When boredom or monotony sneaks into marriage (like it is bound to do) it is important to put extra effort into spending time together. Planning and following through with dates can help you enjoy each other again! Discovering new things together can add some excitement to your relationship. Here are 25 ideas that can help couples enjoy each other again.

25 Date Ideas to Help Couples Enjoy Each Other Again - jenny at dapperhouse #relationships #marriage #couples #datenight

Maybe it is time to think of things that you haven’t done before but things that you both are curious to explore together. Sit down together and talk about what your common interests are now and what you both might like to experiment with in the near future. I believe that taking turns doing what the other person likes is a terrible idea because feigning interest in something you really don’t care for might seem like a nice gesture but it has the possibility to build resentment and push you further apart.

Really talk about things that you both have in common and write them down. Go through the local listings for attractions, classes and events going on in your area and find new things that you both agree to try together.

So what if you have never picked up a measuring cup, if you both watch cooking shows together then maybe its time to take a class and see if its for you.

Never tried yoga? There are a lot of free classes to try and see if it might be something you can do together!

Maybe you got separated by work and adult problems and forgot how to have fun. Don’t wait for the right time! Go now and play some ski ball, air hockey and whack-a-mole together!

The point is to get out of your comfort zone, enjoy each other and re-connect while having fun. Build your relationship on new and exciting adventures that you take on together as a team!

Here are 25 date ideas that will help you find a connection doing something different and meaningful on a date night with your spouse.

For the Couple Who  Enjoys the Outdoors 

1.) Bike ride on a path or in a neighborhood.

2.) Explore a new park, trail or zoo.

3.) Go to a cultural festival or any outside attraction.

4.) Rent a paddle boat, a sporty convertible or take a segway tour!

5.) Take a day trip to a new town or city or natural state park area that you haven’t visited before.

Dates for People Who love the outdoors - jenny at dapperhouse

For the Couple Who Enjoys Nostalgia

6. Go to an antique car show.

7. Find an oldies band playing nearby and enjoy the memories.

8. Have a movie night in with old classics that you never got to see.

9. There are so many concerts to see and many are affordable if you look at smaller venues and even casinos! Pick some music you both enjoyed “back in the day” and go have fun together at some live shows.

10. Going to an antique shop or show without the intention to buy can be a lot of fun especially when you see signs and toys and other items that you remember from way back when. It can give you the opportunity to tell new stories and learn new things about each other.

Dates for Couples that Love Nostalgia - jenny at dapperhouse

For the Creative Couple

11. Go to a Make and/or Paint your own pottery place and make something cool.

12. Do a night out at a painting class where you bring your own wine.

13. Go on a nature hike with your phone (camera and google) and  discover new plants, birds, rocks and more.

14. Visit an art museum or gallery and talk about the things you like. Or visit a home and garden show or showroom and talk about the creative ideas you get for your own home or yard.

15. Visit the nearest beach or playground and build a sandcastle.

Dates for the Creative Couple - jenny at dapperhouse

For the Couple Who Like Competition

16. Get in on a game of paintball, bowling or bar trivia and play on the same team.

17. Go to an arcade and challenge each other to video games.

18. Go up to the park with a basketball and play H O R S E

19. Play a game of poker using strips of paper with chores or favors written on them as the bets.

20. Sign up for a race or fitness event and train together.

Dates for the competitive couple - jenny at dapperhouse

For the Couple Who Loves Food

21. Go to a restaurant or bar with types of foods and atmosphere that you normally would never choose and have fun loving or hating it together.

22. Look for local cooking classes and sign up together. There are  many at local grocery stores.

23. Cities and towns often have food festivals and “Tastes of___”. Check your local listing and go sample the local or cultural foods.

24. Pick a meal that you agree to make together. Go shopping together for the ingredients and spend time cooking and baking together. Do this often and increase the difficulty each time.

25. Purchase some comfortable outdoor hammocks so that you can lounge together under the blue sky or nighttime stars and relax together without a care in the world.

Date Ideas for the Foodie Couple - jenny at dapperhouse

What are the ideas you have to make a connection doing something different and meaningful on a date night with your spouse?