NVEY ECO Make-up & more

Every makeup artist knows the importance of quality makeup brushes. 
NVEY ECO introduces the world’s first compostable makeup brush handle,
 adding an extra element eco responsibiltiy to their 
toxin-free and cruelty-free, 
professional-quality makeup brushes. 

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This soft large eye shadow brush is perfect for applying a 
veil of all-over color to the entire lid area. 
 Cruelty-free fibers are shaped and blended seamlessly
 for optimum application.
 5 1/2″ long

This flat angled eyeliner brush is perfect for the 
precise application of gel or cake liners. 
Works especially well for creating a winged cat-eye effect. 
5 1/2″ long

This soft and smooth foundation brush is perfect for
 blending liquid or cream foundations
5 1/2 ” long

This soft powder brush is perfect for applying and
 blending loose or compact powder 
to the face.
5 1/2 ” long

“At NVEY ECO, we believe that if you are going to 
make a product Organic, 
you go all the way and make it Certified Organic! 

NVEY ECO Organic Eye Shadow Palette – No. 1 $45

All NVEY ECO Make-up is NATRUE Certified . 
Unlike mineral or uncertified products, at NVEY ECO, 
we have to meet NATRUE’s standards in all ingredients we use. 

Moisturize Rich Fluid Foundation $46
This prohibits us from using many of the ingredients found in mineral or 
uncertified products many brands use. 
Further NVEY ECO maintains its own internal standards of 
sourcing raw materials to ensure safe, 
ethical and functional 
colour cosmetics. 
NVEY ECO Organic Lipstick – 356  $27

The NATRUE audits NVEY ECO for compliance with their standards.”

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse