Do your summer travel plans include exciting adventures across all types of terrain? If so, you need to equip your vehicle with quality all-terrain tires. You deserve tires that live up to your expectations and provide exceptional protection on unpaved surfaces. Unfortunately, not all tires are created equal, so it’s important to do your homework in advance. If you have a Costco membership, you may be tempted to head to their tire and auto center to purchase all-terrain tires. Before you do, here are a few reasons why 4 Wheel Drive’s all-terrain tires are better than Costco’s.

Impressive Selection

Costco has a very limited selection of tires in general, and an even more limited selection of all-terrain tires. 4 Wheel Drive, on the other hand, has a large selection of all-terrain tires to choose from. If you’re looking for a specific tread depth, tire size or max load, you can probably find it at 4 Wheel Drive.


Costco has a lot of customer complaints about the speed of service (or lack thereof) in the tire department. It can take weeks for the warehouse to order in the tires you want, so you have to place your order well before you need the tires.

If you’re looking for quick service, 4 Wheel Drive is a better option. They’re fast, reliable and know how to stay on top of the swift-moving aftermarket industry.  


You only need to search for online reviews of Costco tires to find endless negative reviews and complaints from previous customers. Not only do customers frequently complain of poor tire quality, but of order mistakes as well.

Why deal with subpar products and service when you can receive high-quality products from one of the most respected providers of aftermarket parts in the industry? 4 Wheel Drive stocks quality all-terrain tires that are capable of handling your summer exploration plans with ease. Browse through their all-terrain tire selection or check out their Jeep spare parts and Super Swamper tires for sale.