When people think about luxury in vehicles, the INFINITI brand comes to mind. The sheer number of awards that INFINITI takes home year after year speaks to how this brand is received by top reviewers.

Indeed, from awards for best concept, best design, best automotive brand, to the most beautiful car of the Paris motor show, the INFINITI brand has earned and retained respect through the years.

Do You Like Technology?

The Simmons National Consumer study that surveyed INFINITI buyers found that they are twice as likely as the average person to have the latest advances in vehicle technology.

There are lots of examples of this, including:

INFINITI Intelligent Key Technology

INFINITI intelligent key technology, for instance, provides a comfortable and personalized driving experience with features like steering wheel position, stereo presets, climate settings, drive modes side mirrors and more. It also allows drivers to start their car without ever removing the key from their pockets.

INFINITI In-Touch Technology

INFINITI’s In-touch technology makes it easier than ever to control the vehicle’s impressive technologies. Through integrated navigation, convenience, security, and entertainment features in a dash-mounted display, In-touch technology puts every measure of control and comfort at the driver’s fingertips.

INFINITI Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

INFINITI Intelligent all-wheel drive has proven that it can run flawlessly, from the smoothest highways to the trickiest weather conditions and in all sorts of terrain. This technology truly is intelligent by adapting instantly to changing road conditions and can automatically divert up to 50 percent of available power to the vehicle’s front wheels. When extra traction is not required, INFINITY vehicles divert power to the rear wheels only, granting drivers a sporty ride and exciting, impressive handling.

INFINITI Safety Shield

Safety is high priority with INFINITY vehicles and the INFINITI Safety Shield ensures that drivers stay safe by monitoring the road around the vehicle, helping to avoid collisions by recognizing potential risks that even drivers cannot see. Technologies like Intelligent cruise control, distance control assist, predictive forward collision warning, and blind spot warning give drivers added measures of protection against the myriad risks of the road.

Do You Appreciate Power?

Most people who look for a new INFINITI for sale are looking for quality and luxury. One brilliant characteristic that sometimes falls by the wayside is the power that INFINITI vehicles are capable of.

Vehicles on the INFINITI line boasts some of the quickest acceleration of luxury vehicles in the world. The Q50, for instance, has the ability to go from 0-60 in 5 seconds. The Q60 is able to accomplish this in 4.5 seconds, which is quicker than certain similar Mercedes, BMW and Toyota models.

Discover Your New INFINITI Today

INFINITI vehicles combine luxury with comfort and reliability. It is the critics’ choice and the consumers’ choice, too. The company has come out saying that it will invest heavily in electric and hybrid electric vehicles in the future.

It is no surprise that INFINITI consistently ranks at the top of the lists that speak to the virtues of luxury automobiles. The long list of technological upgrades and luxury features make these vehicles stand out among their class and win the loyalty of their owners.