I absolutely love betta fish because their colors and fins are just magical. I was at the pet store the other day with my son who purchased a betta fish for a pet, and I was excited to learn the different names of the types and colors for the fish. Whenever I learn something interesting I of course want to share it with you too, so here you go!

I learned that their names can refer to their tail shape. These include veil tail, crown tail, double tail and half moon. They can also be named according to their color patterns such as butterfly, dragon, marble and mask. They are identified by color as well and in addition to the typical colors there are some like cellophane, chocolate, mustard gas and orange dalmation. Here are a few of the bettas that I saw and loved at the pet store.

BLUE MARBLE: Marble betta have a splotchy pattern on their bodies.

CROWN TAIL: Has a more jagged end on its fins.


Aren’t bettas so exquisite? I really do love these magical looking fish.

Here are some Royalty Free photos I found to help you pick out your perfect betta fish. . .




There is a website called Its a Fish Thing where you can check out their extensively detailed list of bettas by tail type, color and pattern. They have gorgeous photos on their site for the bettas as well.

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The pet store is a fun place because there are all sorts of fun and amazing pets to purchase. We saw lizards, snakes, guinea pigs, birds and even some rescue cats! There is a pet for every situation and person.   Kitty Cat Reviews  say that cats are the best, but betta fish are fascinating too. 

What is your favorite pet?