Maintaining a long-distance relationship isn’t easy. If your partner is hundreds or thousands of miles away, perhaps because they are in the military or in another career that requires them to be away from home, then keeping that relationship strong may be challenging for you both.

Being a military spouse is particularly difficult and stressful, which is why some are inclined to call it quits and call on the services of a military divorce attorney. But whatever your situation, you and your partner should try to strengthen your relationship to avoid any issues in the future that could lead to a breakup.

Here are some suggestions we hope you find useful.

#1: Communicate daily

Daily communication is important. This is your opportunity to remind your partner that you love them and for them to share their love for you. Communicate by picking up the phone or making a video call and spend as much time as possible talking to one another. 

During the day, send the occasional text or audio/video clip too. These don’t have to be deep or meaningful as something lighthearted or even sexy can keep the fun in your relationship, even though you are apart. 

#2: Do things that interest you both

When couples are together, they strengthen their relationships by sharing the same the same hobbies, watching the same movies, and reading the same books. These shared experiences bring them closer to one another so this is something you and your partner should also try, even though you are distanced from each other. 

By doing the same things, you will have more to talk about when you phone or video call one another, and this could be the glue to strengthen your relationship

#3: Surprise them with a gift

It’s easy to organize gift-sharing with the Internet as you can buy something and have it delivered to your partner’s address. A gift will demonstrate your love for your partner as well as your thoughtfulness if you send them something when they are unwell or feeling down. Hopefully, they will also make your day with a gift occasionally, as a reminder of their love and care for you. 

#4: If relationship problems exist, talk about them

Most relationships hit a rocky patch and when this happens, the best thing to do is confront and talk about the problems that have arisen. This way, any problems can be resolved before they create a rift. 

If you sense that something feels ‘off’ about your long-distance relationship, don’t be afraid to mention this to your partner. It might be that the long distance has created the problem and if this is the case, you both might need to communicate more regularly throughout the day. It might also be wise to arrange more visits to one another whenever time and money allow these visits to happen. 

But whatever the issue might be, be open to one another about any problems and make every effort to resolve them quickly. 


A long-distance relationship isn’t easy but if you can both stay in regular communication with one another and remain committed to the relationship, then there is no reason why it shouldn’t work. Stay positive and make the most of every minute you have with your partner, as lasting memories can still be created, even when you are thousands of miles apart. 


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