It is time to get ready for swimsuit season!
That means hitting the gym, getting a base tan and 
Don’t you feel embarrassed when you think you have shaved every last hair, 
then you get out into the sun and see all the spots you missed?
And what about the spots you missed that you cant see?!?!
I have ALWAYS wanted to get hair removal treatments done so I can hang at the pool
without razor bumps, ingrown hairs, stubble, stray hairs. . .
But I dont have the money for that in my family budget.  
Just google laser hair removal prices and you will see that just ONE treatment 
to get my Legs done is $400. 
Bikini area is $210 for one treatment but do I really want to lay
there baring all to some stranger while they are torturing me with a laser?
You know how you can do something to yourself (like pull off a bandaid) with much less pain 
than if someone does it to you? If I could do the hair removal myself and be in control, 
I would be much more likely to at least try it. 
So, as I am eating my low cal breakfast, pondering swim suit styles and searching for hair removal 
I found the most awesome alternatives that I can afford and do myself!!
I had to share them with my dapper friends!
I really want to save for the 
because for as much as one treatment would cost me for my legs and bikini area,  
I can do my whole body, plus let my husband and teens use it too – for years!
That is such an awesome value and SO Worth it!
Physician and FDA approved to be safe for home use but the same results of salon treatments. 
Except that while a whole body treatment for hair removal would literally be in the 
thousands and take so much time; scheduling, driving, waiting, changing, getting the treatment etc…
You can use the Silk’nSensEpil to do both legs or a man’s chest in under 20 minutes!

This is also a Home Hair Removal Laser, but more compact and costs less. 
It also gets as outstanding reviews as the Silk’n SensEpil,
is FDA Certified and guaranteed to work. 
I read the reviews and found similar skin types, hair types and situations.
Every one was RAVING about the TRIA!
Most said that with very fair skin and dark hair they saw marked results of no hair
 growing back after only 1 month!
Another woman said that you can just tweeze the little stray hairs right out without pain 
because the roots are dead and it doesn’t grow back!
AND unlike waxing where you have to grow your hair out, 
the users said that the shorter the hair is the better so you can use it anytime!
I want one SO BAD!
I am so excited to have real choices that a people like us can use and LOVE.
Let me know when you use them and I will let you know too!
One problem totally solved.
Now to find the perfect swim suit.

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse