Surprising Foods That You Didn’t Know Prevent Aging

While we see wrinkles and age spots on our bodies, we must look deeper to find the true signs of aging. Over time the cells in our bodies are damaged by free radicals that destroy the texture, color and health of our skin. It is on this cellular level that we must fight to make corrective changes and repair damage to restore a youthful appearance. Easily enough, there are foods that contain ingredients that can physically change the properties of our skin. By eating these foods and applying some directly to the skin, you will see scientifically guaranteed results. Many of us have heard about the popular cures that come in creams and serums, but you will be surprised at the things you can eat to reverse the human aging process.


Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But chili packed with beans such as red, kidney, navy and black beans can provide amazing results. Free radical molecules in our bodies are out to destroy other healthy cells through imbalance when they steal electrons through oxidation. Beans are high in antioxidants so they keep free radicals in check and slow down the aging process. Scientists have found that kidney beans are actually the food with the most antioxidant power above any others. We do not suggest that you make a kidney bean face mask just yet, but eating chili is a great way to get a jump on the anti-aging process.


While not the most glamorous of foods, artichokes are definitely unique in design and flavor. They are often overlooked by consumers mainly due to skepticism and intimidation but artichokes are actually quite easy to cook and eat. They contain an antioxidants called Sylimarin Anthocyanins, quercetin and rutin which diminish the risk of heart disease, boost immune system support and help slow the aging process in skin.


You know that little pile of white or pink slices next to your sushi? Not only does it have a lot of flavor, but it has a lot of power to calm the symptoms of arthritis that happens in old age. In addition, both drinking ginger tea on a regular basis and applying a weekly mask made with powdered ginger directly to the skin can help you keep the collagen in your skin that makes it plump and youthful. And don’t only think about your face when applying a ginger mask. You can use it on the chest area, knees and hands as well where our bodies dramatically show signs of aging.


When we think of fighting aging we might first think of wrinkles and age spots, but arthritis, heart disease, weak bones and joints and declining energy levels are also big indicators of age. Surprisingly, salmon can have a big impact on all of those factors. Most of us know that salmon contains a great amount of protein and the good Omega 3 fats, but many are surprised to hear that it is a good source of antioxidants!  A perfectly grilled salmon steak is at the top of many people’s favorite meals so this food is an easy one to incorporate into your diet. The trick is that you have to eat wild caught salmon because the farmed fish do not have the same nutrients as they do in nature. So have salmon on a regular basis and revitalize your youth.

If you are like many people you hear the word ‘antioxidant’ and think of berries and green vegetables. Smoothies are one of the most popular ways for people to get their antioxidants. People might rather drink a glass of green veggies mixed with bananas, berries and frozen yogurt that sit down and munch on a plate of kale. But there are many other foods that can give you the secret powers of reversing the age process. When planning your weekly menu remember to include chili with beans, steamed or grilled artichokes, ginger tea and wild caught salmon. A regular diet of these and other antioxidant rich foods are guaranteed keep you younger and healthier throughout your life.

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