According to available information over 70 percent of adults over the age of 65 have used the internet in some form. Seniors using common internet tools such as social media and email is common. OneLaunch helps organize computer features, tools, apps, and data into a centralized hub making daily computer use easier. The continued use and access to the internet provide seniors with many benefits.

Greater Independence

The internet is home to a vast amount of information, entertainment, and the ability to connect with others. This leads to a greater level of independence for seniors and also personal fulfillment. Other benefits include access to current information, health preservation, and increased career productivity. Many seniors still do work and having knowledge of modern internet use allows seniors to continue work in their chosen profession. In fact, with internet access and the growth of remote work, seniors can remain productive without having to handle the stress of a daily commute.


Not all internet use is passive. A lot of internet activity involves engagement that is beneficial to seniors. These can include online classes, discussion forums, work out such as yoga instruction, and interactive media such as video games. Keeping both the mind and body active is of the utmost importance as you age and the internet can allow you to keep both physically fit and mentally engaged with an assortment of interesting topics and materials.

Social Activity

As you age it is sadly common to become more isolated socially. There are several causes to this, such as adult children and long-term friends moving away due to important life events and this makes staying involved difficult. The internet makes it easier to bridge this gap. Using email, social media, and video conferencing can make staying involved with friends and loved ones fair less difficult. The internet also offers broad interest groups on forums and social media platforms that can bring people together with similar interests and hobbies.

Access to Goods and Food

Reduction in mobility or common ailments can make common tasks such as shopping difficult for aging people. Internet stores allow you to buy common goods such as clothing and food and have them conveniently delivered to your doorstep. In fact, many major grocery store chains now offer home delivery, meaning you get the same selection from the comfort of your home that you would going in person. In addition, internet-based stores can offer deals and product selection that are better than the brick and mortar stores. Online shopping is hand down easier and more convenient than ever. It makes life for seniors better in many ways.

Help With Staying Healthy

Diet is important in all stages of life. However, as you age, specific changes and dietary needs can become highly important. Internet-based tools can help by providing dietary information, diet plans, tracking nutritional intake, and advising on appropriate workout programs. All of these tools can improve senior health.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, our senior population use the internet like any other age group. Software developers know the advantages of targeting this market so they continue to create products that assist seniors in making use of the internet by focusing on senior-specific needs.