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After over 12 years of back to school shopping with 3 kids I learned to dread it. Now, I can barely keep my calm in the mass of impolite crowds: people shouting loudly at each other and their kids, ramming into each other with shopping carts and body parts, and racing to grab the last of the supplies just to toss them later into bins and isles where they can no longer be found. I dread looking out upon empty shelves while my darling, excited children look at me eager to make magical memories of going back to school in a new grade with new supplies and new possibilities. Last year I had to get some work supplies at Office Max. My son suggested that we all stop in to see what we might be able to get there before heading off to other stores for back-to-school shopping. I was so shocked to see that Office Max had so many school supplies in a calm, orderly and highly organized area of the store. We found almost everything that we needed and some cool new back packs too! From that time on, Office Max is my “happy place” to enjoy shopping and make memories with my kids. I get helpful staff as well as get great deals that rival other stores. There is no other option if you want to avoid the insanity, get what you need in stock and enjoying the experience with your children. This year it was another story of success to get everything we needed for our little one going into 7th grade only with a really cool twist that you will want to know about.

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Save $15 instantly at OfficeMax when you buy $300 in Visa gift cards #OMaxVisa15
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