RED – What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Did you know that colors can cause certain feelings and set a mood. Did you know that colors also have meanings and connotations that can give insight into your personality? If RED is your favorite color then this article is all about you.

Traditionally, red has been all about hearts, a dozen roses and cool cars. It makes us think of 1950’s classic red lips, a matadors bullfighting cape and triple cherries on a slot machine. Maybe you think of Santa Claus with his fuzzy red suit or the red horns and pitchfork of a devil.

Regardless of the objects you think of, the color red has the instant connotation of love and lust. Red is the color of seduction and can turn every head in a room with it’s bold and daring hues. It excites the senses, promotes passion and increases intensity. It is the color that represents activity and energy. Historically and also in nature, red represents danger and blood. You can see that if your favorite color is red, you command attention, have a lot of emotions, are passionate and exude energy.  

According to experts in the fields of color and science, red is a powerful color that can have actual physical effects on the human body. It raises metabolism, increases heart rate and respiration rate and it can raise blood pressure too! Red is a powerful color with a lot of symbolism across many cultures.The characteristics of red often have conflicting meanings. For example, you could be a successful celebrity walking the red carpet, or you could be a destitute failure with all your finances being “in the red”. Red also represents these opposites:

  • Love or Anger
  • Good Luck or Danger
  • Prosperity or Death
  • Cupid or Devil
  • Passion or Jealousy
  • Joy or Rage
  • Protection or Violence
  • Strength or Caution

Red holds a lot of symbolism such as danger, bravery, royalty, long life, death, energy and war. It reminds us of Valentine’s day, Christmas, and bringing the teacher a shiny red apple on the first day of school. It is strong and dangerous and protective all at once. Red is fiery and fierce and spicy. Loving the color red as your favorite certainly means that you are in touch with your power and passion. You are most likely a leader, fearless, passionate and intense. Do you like fast sports cars and an element of danger? Then Red is your color.

You can also never go wrong with red licorice, red rain boots and love letters.

Do you have any qualities to add that you think are related to the color red? Please share your opinions with fellow red lovers below in the comments.

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