The summer break away from education can certainly be an overwhelming experience for parents, especially for those who have more than one child running rings around them! Thankfully it doesn’t have to be as tricky or infuriating as you might initially imagine to navigate the summer break in the most productive way, as there are several simple steps that you can follow to make sure your kids stay happy and healthy. So, if you’d like to prepare for the summer break in the best possible fashion, for the sake of your children’s mental and physical well-being, then read on to find some of the most effective tips and tricks to utilize now! 

Make Exercise A Daily Essential

One of the most important steps that you need to follow if you want your kids to stay happy and healthy during the summer break is to make exercise a daily essential. It’s far too tempting to do next to nothing during the summer break, especially when it’s hot outside, but both you and your children need at least 30-60 minutes of exercise per day to stay fit and well. Regular exercise will also be of real benefit for your children, especially those under the age of 7 or 8, as they have a seemingly endless supply of energy that they need to release in order to relax. So, book yourself in for a family swimming session, head down to your local park or even play some games in your garden to get your kids up and active!

Utilize Educational Games 

Being away from lessons and the school environment as a whole can have a detrimental impact on your child’s learning, as they may return to the classroom having forgotten most of the things they learned before their break. A great way to work around this issue is by encouraging your children to play some educational games, as they can then keep their brains working while still having fun in the process. Finding an online game like ABCMouse that is crammed full of exciting lessons is the perfect option, as your children will feel as though they are simply playing a fun game rather than realizing they are also learning important lessons in the process. What’s not to love?! 

Ensure They Sleep Well 

Last but by no means least, you must not allow your children to throw their usual sleeping schedule out of the window during the summer break. They need to sleep well for the sake of their mental and physical well-being, as sleep is the time during which their body and mind heals, grows and performs countless other essential tasks. Missing out on sleep will cause your kids to become lethargic, moody, distracted and more, so you need to ensure they sleep well by implementing s regular sleep schedule. Set a daily bedtime for each of your children, and do not budge from this time. 

Keeping your kids happy and healthy this summer has never been such a simple task!

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