I am seeing so many ads about the wish app and they make it look like you can get incredible products for a deep discount, but I did not have a good experience when I ordered from wish app. In fact, the clothes I ordered were such poor quality that I had to throw them away.

I made a video on Youtube showing the items and I am adding a few photos here on the blog. On the video I did not include the information from my daughter (found below) which I think is very helpful. So, watch the video and read her experience then comment here or on the video letting me know if you have ordered from wish and what you thought.

My daughter has ordered things and she said that she was happy with about 75% of the purchases so far. Her advice is read reviews and compare prices on their site but also on other sites if possible. Know that the items in the photos  on the site look much better than the products do in person. Don’t order clothes. Read the fine print so that you know exactly what you are getting since the photos sometimes show something different or show more items than what you actually get.  Here are some of the things that she purchased and agreed to comment on for this post:

  • popsocket for FREE and .99 shipping (after 3 months is still working great)
  • headband (never came in the mail after 3 months)
  • tarot cards (are similar to a regular deck of cards, but cool to have a small set)
  • pair of velvet shorts  (are cool and comfortable)
  • overall shorts outfit (ordered a size up and it was two sizes too small)

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