Do you have a goal of being able to make a difference in the lives of kids, especially those with disabilities? Do you want to be able to help them succeed, give them the confidence they need, and ensure that their school years are a positive time in their life? If so, that can be more than just a passion, you can actually turn it into a career that is rewarding on so many different levels. A career doesn’t have to feel like work, the best ones are the ones you feel committed to, passionate about, and feel as though it’s fulfilling more than just a financial need in your life.

While there are a number of ways you can work with kids that have disabilities, from becoming a provider of applied behavior analysis therapy near me to working as a carer, route you may want to consider is a M.ED in moderate disabilities. Let’s take a closer look at what this career entails.

What is a M.Ed. in Moderate Disabilities?

First things first, what is a M.Ed. in Moderate Disabilities? This typically isn’t a degree you hear much about, so you might not have even realized it exists. Not only can you attend these classes in person, but thanks to this move towards online education, you can also enroll in an online M.Ed. In Moderate Disabilities so you can study from your own home, on your own schedule.

With this program, you’ll be working to obtain your initial license that allows you to work with kids in grades PreK all the way through grade eight. These will be kids who have moderate disabilities, so you may be working in a self-contained or integrated classroom. The program entails both coursework and field-based experience so that you’ll be fully prepared to take on your responsibilities.

Some of the skills you’ll be learning include how to teach in an inclusive classroom, reading strategies, core math, challenges that the kids face, assessment for moderate disabilities, and more.

There is a Shortage of Trained Special Education Teachers

While this job can be extremely rewarding to you on a personal level, it’s also good to know that there are job opportunities out there once you graduate. According to statistics from The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs is growing by 3%, but the demand fluctuates based on enrolment levels. This means some years will see a spike in growth, whereas others may remain a bit more flat.

As for the average median pay, special education teachers (there is no separate category for moderate disabilities), are listed at $59,780 as of 2018. The majority of jobs in this field will have you working over a 10 month period, which is the school year, but there are some private schools or special schools that run year-round.

A Job Where You Can Make a Real Difference

So, if it’s a positive difference you want to make in the lives of kids, the M.Ed. in Moderate Disabilities could certainly set you up for an extremely rewarding career path.