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Making sensory bins and boxes as a way to supplement learning themes is a fabulous resource for parents, students and teachers. When exploring a unit on animals, geography or anything. . . there is always a sensory bin that can be made to facilitate learning! Here is how to make a fun and easy arctic sensory bin for learning through play!

How to Make an Arctic Themed Sensory Bin for Kids to Learn Through Play - DIY - jenny at dapperhouse

You will need gather a collection of items that are white to represent the icy, frozen landscape of the arctic.

White rice, white play dough, navy beans, moon sand, snow, clear cellophane . . .any of these will make a great base. I used white rice.

How to make an Arctic Sensory Bin for Kids - jenny at dapperhouse - #montessori #autism #gifted #DIY

Add glitter and/or clear beads for an icy effect. I also added glass beads and foam snowflake stickers!

Add cotton balls and or white pompoms to represent snow balls.

How to make and use an arctic sensory bin - jenny at dapperhouse Teaching and learning through play

Add white rocks for the animals to use as ice floes.

You will need items that encourage fine motor skills and hand eye coordination such as spoons, tongs and small containers. You will also want to get small measuring cups for scooping and pouring.

How to make a fun arctic sensory bin for classroom and kids - jenny at dapperhouse

I found these square containers that represent ice blocks, but an ice cube tray is a perfect item for sorting!

DIY Arctic Sensory Bin to help children learn through play - jenny at dapperhouse

You will of course need your arctic animals.

DIY Arctic Sensory Bin for kids to learn through play - jenny at dapperhouse.com

Use scrabble tiles, alphabet blocks or flash cards to spell and study words that are in your unit of study.

How to make a really cool sensory bin themed for the arctic from jenny at dapperhouse

(Learn more about how to use sensory bins here.)

These are the items that I used for my sensory bin that you can order right to your door from Amazon to DIY with Arctic Sensory bin.

Here is a list of awesome arctic themed kids books to supplement the sensory bin!

What sensory bins have you used with your children or classroom?