After the boom of industrialization and the rise of technology, consumerism has become a dominant force throughout the world. Products are made so quickly that the world’s resources are at risk and climate change has become a pressing issue. One way that individuals can help to reverse the effects of climate change is to live more responsibly and take into consideration the way they use products and resources. Here is a brief list to help you get started living more self-sufficiently.

Grow Your Own Food

Having a place to plant and grow your own fruit and vegetables is not only great for the planet but also therapeutic. Get the whole family involved and watch as your children learn more about where their food comes from. A major contributor to climate change is the transport of foods from one part of the world to another, which is why experts recommend buying locally sourced produce or, better yet, growing your own. Learn which seasons are best for which plants and discover new recipes for your homegrown veggies.

Catch Your Own Food

If you’re feeling adventurous and like a challenge, catching your own food is also a great way to live more self-sufficiently. There’s nothing quite like the pride in taking a weekend trip and coming home with enough meals for a couple of weeks. Research places and types of prey that interest you the most and bring along suitable gear. Hunting will require great skill and patience which makes it all the more rewarding when you are successful. Just make sure to protect yourself from the outdoors by wearing appropriate clothing such as a Merino Wool base layer and high-quality waterproof outerwear.

Use Renewable Energy

Solar and wind energy are much better for the planet as they are infinite as far as the human timeline is concerned. By investing in your own solar panels and energy system, you can separate yourself from reliance on the grid and even sell back unused energy to make a bit of money. With the right set up, you could heat up your whole house, generate electricity for devices and have hot running water.

Create Passive Income

Passive income is a way of making money without expending effort. Investing in property, creating an online business or renting unused space is a great way to bring in money using the tools already at your disposal. It might take a short time to set up in the beginning, but soon you’ll have a steady source of money with no hassle.

Learn a Craft

People who are able to build their own houses, create their own furniture or sew their own clothes are some of the most self-sufficient people around. Thanks to the internet, you can learn almost any skill by reading instructions or watching tutorials. Teach yourself a few useful crafts and notice how much more efficient and practical your life becomes. If you enjoy artistic pursuits such as pottery, painting or blacksmithing, you can sell your creations and make a profit. There’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing the direct connection between your efforts and your reward.