With the world reopening and lots of businesses seeing some of the best conditions since before the pandemic, nothing is as tempting and as delightful as a girl’s night out. It serves as the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by getting to hang out with friends that you maybe haven’t seen in person for a while, and getting to enjoy some of the local bars, eateries, or clubs that you haven’t been to since they closed down. 

However, it is important to focus on making sure the girl’s night out in Hollywood is both fun and safe. Here are a few key tips to make sure that you have a good night out.

Have a Buddy System

Half of the fun of the girl’s night out is that you focus on having fun with the group. That being said, having a buddy system or some sort of code allows for everyone to be thoroughly protected during the night. 

Implementing a buddy system allows you to look out for your girls if they are approached by a stranger, if they step away from their drink to hit the dance floor, or if they are being hit on by someone that they really aren’t into. Making sure that you are with one of your gal pals at all times make sure you stay safe, and that creepers or worse won’t ruin the fun of the night.

Pace Yourself

It usually isn’t a night out without at least a few drinks, but that doesn’t mean that you need to rush to get drunk. There are a few ways to pace yourself to make sure you’re staying safe and avoiding a quite painful hangover the next morning. 

One key tip is to never drink on an empty stomach, so maybe start the night with some apps or a light dinner at a nearby restaurant. If you are drinking, try to drink a glass of water between every drink or every other drink. This will keep you hydrated during the duration of the night. Finally, make sure never to accept or share an open drink with someone you don’t know. That is simply an invitation for trouble.

Travel Wisely or Plan Ahead

When setting up a girl’s night out, it is usually a very rough request for one member to remain completely sober, unless one of your friends doesn’t drink. If everyone is drinking during girl’s night out, you should certainly call a cab or get an Uber. North Hollywood has some dangerous intersections and you will want to avoid if possible.

In a huge, populated city like Hollywood, finding safe, cheap, and quick transportation home is no problem at all, and guarantees that you and your friends will be able to have future girl’s night out.

In addition to driving, it is important to make wise decisions as you go from the various venues. Recognize that it is a wise decision to stick to well lit, populated areas as you walk between clubs, bars, or restaurants. This way you can avoid any unsavory attention or altercations with people. 

In addition, consider how to best finish the night out so no one is inconvenienced by a more expensive or longer ride home. While keeping the buddy system, travel home as a group or a pair, but do so in a way that shows care to your friends.