When planning a wedding there are many roles to fill. Everyone in the ceremony is equally important but people definitely look forward to seeing the cute little ring bearer and flower girl. The tradition of the flower girl in a wedding ceremony was originally meant to represent the innocence of the bride and to bless her with fertility so that the new couple may start a family. The flower girl role is usually filled by a young girl who is a relative of the bride or groom. The age of the flower girl has quite a range. Sometimes there is a baby flower girl being pulled down the aisle in a wagon and other times she might be as old as a preteen. Regardless of age, the guests are all looking forward to seeing the dress and hairstyle of the little flower girl. JJ’s House has created the most precious flower girl dresses that fit any age and style, with a wide array of fabrics and lengths to perfectly match the rest of your wedding party. Get fashion-forward designs at a fraction of the cost but that still meet the look and quality you want for your big day.

Ages ago it was traditional to have the flower girl’s dress resemble the brides dress (since she was representing the innocence of the bride). But these days the dress can be any style but matching the colors in the wedding.

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