A pool enclosure is one of the distinct home investments during the possession of the household property.

Created as an enhancement to your residence or a standalone edifice, an enclosure will defend the pool expanse and supplement to the value of your assets.

Do you want to use your swimming pool for the whole year? If so – then pool enclosure is your answer.

Swimming pool enclosure industry commonly uses per square foot to quote the price of it. Fortunately, the best thing about this is – you can get an exact quotation by telling them the approximate size of your swimming pool.

Worried about the cost of installing a pool enclosure – Right? Don’t worry it’s less expensive then you think.

Prices of pool enclosures are not constant, they are subject to a number of factors that influence the cost:

Pool’s Dimension

The very first thing to examine before purchasing an enclosure is how high the structure should reach.

You need to pay more for large swimming pool enclosure systems as compared to the smaller ones.

Do you simply want to cover the pool or looking for an outside room to house the pool area?

Pool Cover 4.jpg

Enclosures Height’s Exhibit in Three Forms:

High Enclosure

  • Designed to turn your pool area into a sunlit room.
  • Offer plenty of space for people to walk, sit, recline.

Medium Enclosure

  • Designed to offer space to move around above the water level.

Low Enclosure

  • Basically meant to seal off water from debris.
  • It allows room to swim and goes as high as two feet off the ground


Location Of The Pool

The cost of the enclosure is determined by the region in which you live.

For instance, you live in a region where you see little rain throughout the air, then a screen enclosure is suitable for your pool. As it protects the water from bugs.

Similarly, if your region endures harsh rain or heavy rainfall then glass enclosure is comfortable to use throughout the rainy seasons.

Pool Cover 5.jpg


Luckily, today, pool owners have a wide variety of stylistic alternatives to choose from.

Thinking of which pool enclosure to choose? Here are different categories of pool enclosure:

  • Standard

A screen or glass enclosure with three or four walls.

  • Retractable

With a retractable pool enclosure, you can enjoy your pool year-round, even in the rain and snow. One can easily fold it up when you wish to view outside.

  • Custom
  • A custom pool enclosure is designed in a way you want.
  • A custom designed pool enclosure could be flat-roofed or dome-like.


The pool enclosure’s structure is made up of aluminum. The material used between or around the frame ranges from clear, lightweight sheets of vinyl.

Confused with which material to choose?

Don’t worry have a look at Most common enclosure materials:

  • Glass

These are clear and protects the pool from debris and UV rays

  • Polycarbonate

It is less expensive as compared to glass. The polycarbonate provides clear protection.

Polycarbonate Sheets Provide Better Insulation That Glass

Insulation is a critical feature for swimming pool enclosure reflecting that we need to diminish the cost of heating screen pool enclosures.

Evaporation of swimming pool is significantly reduced because of the loss of water and heat resulting evaporation. This implies screen pool enclosures with polycarbonate sheets will retain a lot of heat.

An insignificant amount of heat will be lost to the environment through evaporation. During summer, such swimming pools will have a higher average temperature than glass screen pool enclosures.

The heat retention capability will reduce energy bills significantly.

Pool Cover 6.jpg
  • Vinyl

This is lighter than polycarbonate. This material offers tent-like protection from the elements.

  • Screen

This is useful to block debris and bugs. They are high in demand in moderate climates. But these do not offer UV protection.

Labor Costs

When you make choices on the size, design, and material of an enclosure, it is important to consider labor costs which a given project might involve.

Mostly, labor is charged hourly same as the panels of enclosures are priced on a per-foot basis.

Other Additional costs to install a pool enclosure

Apart from the total cost of installing a pool enclosure, there are several other aspects:

  • Installing Air Conditioning Systems

These are important for commercial swimming pools where multiple swimmers use the pool at the same time.

  • Construct More Doors

In larger swimming pools, there is a need for more doors. To do this, an additional modification of the swimming pool is required.

  • Use Of Electric Motors

Using the electric motor increases the cost of energy.


1. Readily Available

Everyone wishes to use their pool at their own discretion. Whether its scorching heat out there or freezing winters, enjoy the pool with friends and family.

2. Cost-Effective

How about saving some bucks by keeping your pool covered? Save it from intruding dirt, dust, leaves, or insects and have a neat & clean pool for use all year round.  

3. Add Elegance To Outdoor Decor

Improve the overall appearance of the pool by having intricately designed pool covers that radiate elegance from every side. Choose from numerous styles, materials, and designs for your kind of pool enclosure.

Need some more ideas? Check out the gallery page of Coversinplay pool enclosures to make the decision.


In The End

Hope, this blog has helped you know the factors which influence the cost of the pool enclosure for your home or business.
The fact is, choosing the correct pool enclosure’s – design, size, and accessories determine the amount of money needed to construct a swimming pool enclosure.

For more information on the latest types of pool enclosures, contact Covers In Play experts today. We offer several options depending on your home’s aesthetic.

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