The U.S. is going through uncertain times these days, as riots and protests are rampant. You can expect anything to happen anytime, so it makes sense to be physically and mentally prepared. Safety should be your top priority at all times, whether you are at work, commuting, or at home with your family. Violent situations are tricky to handle, and planning can make all the difference to keep you and your loved ones safe. Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure safety during riots and protests.

Stay at home during riots and protests

It isn’t much you can do when violence breaks out unexpectedly. But you can do your bit to avoid it when you are aware of the threat, and things aren’t going well in your neighborhood or city. It is common sense to stay at home during riots and protests. If you are at work or outside when riots break out, try to reach home at the earliest. Be extra cautious on the way and look for the safest routes to commute. At times, it may be safer to stay wherever you are and wait for the violence to subside. Connect with loved ones back home if you are elsewhere and let them know that you are safe. Also, convince them not to panic and stay indoors.

Prioritize safety if you need to go out

Staying at home is your best bet, but you may still need to go out for some emergencies like picking medicines for a family member. There are lurking dangers around, from angry rioters to law enforcement officers trying to control the mobs. You can expect volatile situations, so it is wise to be prepared for them. Consider buying a bullet proof vest you can use for personal protection in such situations. Even when you have it on, you should be vigilant about the dangers and avoid them as much as you can. You can carry pepper spray for extra safety and confidence. If things get dangerous, getting out of the place is the best thing to do.

Pay attention to safety at home

When angry mobs get on the streets, you cannot be too sure about safety at home as well. But being a little careful is worthwhile because it can save your loved ones. Keep all doors and windows locked and block the entrances so that no one can break-in. Stay connected with the neighbors and ensure that everyone is available for each other’s help if there is a need. Let young children and the elderly know that they will be safe because they are the most vulnerable in such situations. You can check the bullet proof vest blog to understand more about buying ballistic protection for the entire family. Stick to each other as a family, and everyone will feel better.

Riots and protests are dangerous, yet making conscious efforts to ensure safety can help you and your family get through the situation. Be aware and watchful, listen to your instincts, and act at the slightest signs of danger. Timely action can save you and your family from trouble.