These days, the market is overflowing with all kinds of cookware and sometimes, choosing a good set can be overwhelming. You have well-meaning friends recommending you one brand and another recommending another brand. It is not just about the brand, it is also about the material used. Some claimed a certain material is safe for use while another claimed that certain material releases toxic and is harmful to our health.

In the old days, there was no such thing as a non-stick pan. We just learn to use the pan in such a way that our food does not get stuck to the pan. Out of the blue, someone invented the non-stick pan and it was introduced and released into the market. Many housewives went out to get themselves a non-stick pan as it was claimed that it makes cooking a breeze. It was also claimed that using non-stick pan cuts requires hardly any cooking oil which is good for health. It is also easy to clean non-stick pan and there is very little need of using dish washing liquid.

Later, someone did a research and found that most non-stick pans were made of materials that are toxic. Non-stick pan requires extra care and if not careful, the surface of the non-stick pan gets scratch and toxic will be released into the food. The sales of non-stick pan went down and now, we have other new cookware being introduced into the market.

Among the latest cookware in the market is the ceramic cookware. You can find many different makes and types of ceramic cookware. Choosing a ceramic cookware set can be a major issue because there are so many to choose from and plus, these ceramic cookware do not come cheap. Currently, choosing a ceramic cookware is highly recommend as it is considered an eco-friendly product.

If you are new to ceramic cookware and would want to give it a try, there is no need to invest in a whole set. You can start with a multi-purpose ceramic coated non-stick pan such as the Vesuvio 11” non-stick frying pan. This frying pan will be good for frying eggs, roasting chicken, searing steaks, or even sautéing your green vegetables for side dishes. If you find that it is really good and reliable, then you can confidently invest in a whole set.