Cannabidiol has been accepted as a therapeutic and healing substance. Many studies have been conducted and its benefits have been proved both for humans and for their smaller friends that walk on four legs. Given this acceptance, many different products made from this compound emerged on the market.

One of the most popular products is CBD oil. It is easy to use and has all the properties of cannabis-based products, but without the hallucinogenic ones that come when someone gets high. Once again, it has been made for animals as well, and shows us just how great the drug can be for our pets, while even offering a dosage chart.

The Importance Of Optimum Dosage

And that is exactly my topic for today – the right dosage of CBD oil for your pets. Since the medicine is still being researched, you cannot find extremely precise information regarding this. So, how do you know when it is enough? And how do you know how much is too little? Both of these questions are rather important.

If you don’t know how to set the optimum dose, then you may end up giving your pet either too much, or too little of the product. In any of these cases, you won’t get the desired effect. Plus, although CBD oil is safe for your animals, giving a high dose is not recommended and can be dangerous.

Let me make some clarifications. If you give your friends on four legs a lesser amount of the medicine than recommended, that means that you are wasting your money on the product, because it won’t yield any results. However, if you give them too much, you put them at a risk of sedation. And, remember, you simply want to ease some symptoms and you definitely don’t want to sedate your animal. Useful info.

As I have already said, there are no extremely precise calculations when it comes to administering CBD oil to your pets. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no way for you to figure out how to properly give it to the animals that live with you. In fact, it is widely known which factors need to be taken into consideration while estimating the right dosage. So, let us take a look at those.

Size And Composition Of The Bottle

When using any calculator you find online, the first step will be to input the size of the bottle your own. After doing that, you need to know the exact amount of CBD contained in the bottle. This means that you should check for the total mg of the compound.

These steps are important because not every bottle contains the same amount. That depends on the supplier. Make sure to always check this when you purchase your oil. It helps you determine exactly how many drops you need to give to your animal.

Size Of The Pet

Naturally, the dosage depends on the size of your animal. Using CBD oil for a cat is not the same as giving it to a dog. This is not surprising, since they are rather different in constitution. Imagine giving the same dose to a small cat as, for example, to a horse. Therefore, you need to know approximately or, better yet, precisely how much your animal weighs.

Medical Condition

In the end, the reason of administering the drug is also rather important. As you already know, CBD oil can be used to enhance animals’ general wellbeing. In addition to that, it plays a significant role in treating certain medical conditions, such as anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy and more. Therefore, make sure to enter the symptoms into the calculator. Only then can you get the right recommendations.

Stay Safe And Moderate

As I have already mentioned, you definitely don’t want to go wrong with the dosage. The last thing you need is to accidentally get your pet sedated because you used too much CBD oil. True, this is not the worst thing on Earth that can happen, but it is not pleasant at all. I am guessing you are aware of that yourself and there is no need for me to explain how unsettling and worrying that kind of a situation can get.

In order to avoid this, the best thing you can do is start with low dosages and observe your four-legged companion. Make sure to watch them carefully and notice how they react to the drug. If you notice that everything is great, you can start increasing the dose.

Again, don’t jump too high at once. Do this gradually and continue observing the animal – after all, you are the one who knows them best. At some point, you will figure out the optimum dose for your little friend. The bottom line is – don’t overdo it, but don’t be afraid to increase the amount over time.