Finding any type of pest in your home will result in wanting to know more about the insect and whether it is harmful. It’s surprising but seeing a pest inside your home invokes a very different response from seeing one in your yard.

The cricket is a perfect example of this.

When To Panic

Seeing one cricket in your home isn’t generally an issue. It’s quite possible they’ve come in from outside and will leave again shortly. But, if you start seeing crickets on a regular basis or more than one it’s time to call your local pest control company and get the problem dealt with.

Harmful effects of Crickets 

The good news is that it’s very unusual for a house cricket to bite a human. Even if it did the strength of its mouth is not usually sufficient to break human skin. This means they pose very little risk of pain.

But, crickets are known to carry a variety of diseases. These include E.coli and salmonella. All you have to do is handle the cricket or inadvertently touch its feces and you could have the bacteria on your skin. If you then put your hands on your face, particularly your eyes or mouth, the bacteria can get into your body. This can then cause you to be ill.

In fact, one of the signs that you have a cricket problem is when everyone in your home has an outbreak of flu-like symptoms. It may not be the flu.

The Real Problem With Crickets

Fortunately, in most cases, crickets don’t cause an issue to humans. But, they do cause an issue for your house. That’s why you’ll want to click here and get professional help fast.

Crickets eat wallpaper, soft furnishings, curtains, and even your favorite couch. One cricket may not do enough damage to even be noticed. But, once you have several crickets in your home you’ll find that the damage is noticeable and can cost you a considerable amount of money.

It’s best to take action early to prevent this from happening.

Don’t forget that the cheerful song of the cricket is delightful when you’re walking in the countryside. It’s not so nice when they are doing it in your bedroom right through the night.

Preventing Crickets In Your Home

The pest experts can eliminate any cricket in your home. However, they can also offer you advice regarding how the crickets are getting in. 

You’ll want to put screens upon any doors and windows that are open. But you should also visually inspect your home from the outside. Any crack or gap can allow a cricket, or other insects, into your home. 

When you find cracks and gaps you should seal them up immediately. This will prevent the problem before it starts. 

Of course, having regular pest inspections will help to ensure issues are spotted early and dealt with. This includes helping protect your home from the arrival of crickets and other pests.