When waking up to a heavy snowfall and text messages from school to say it’s closed, working parents may start to panic about how to keep the kids entertained. But a surprise snow day doesn’t have to be stressful. There are plenty of fun ways to fill the hours with games, activities, and quality time together. 

Have a Pyjama Party

When the snow has shut everything down for the day, it’s the perfect excuse to relax at home in comfy pyjamas. Let the kids build blanket and pillow forts in the lounge to play in. Make some hot chocolate with marshmallows and watch classic family films together under piles of duvets.

Bake Some Treats

What better way to fill a snow day than by baking some yummy treats! Get the kids to help measure out ingredients and mix up cookie dough or cake batter. Cupcakes decorated with colourful icing and sprinkles are always popular. Time will fly as you create sweet masterpieces together to enjoy with a cup of hot tea.

Do Arts and Crafts

Unleash your creative side with arts and crafts projects. Make snow globes by filling jars with a mini winter scene. Create winter collages with sparkly paper snowflakes. Finger painting is always a hit with younger kids. Have an art competition to see who can come up with the most inventive snow day craft.

Build Snowmen 

Of course, you have to head out in the snow at some point! Wrap up warmly and have fun rolling massive snowballs across the garden to stack up into snowmen. Decorate yours with scarves, colourful noses, hat and stick arms. Or show your artistic side by sculpting detailed snow animals, snow fairies or even igloos!   

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

When it’s too cold to stay out in the snow, come inside for an exciting indoor scavenger hunt! Make a list of silly items the kids have to run around the house locating, like mum’s red scarf, a left shoe, or a toy dinosaur. Customise the hunt for each child’s age level. The first one to find everything wins a small prize!

Make a Winter Obstacle Course

Bring the fun indoors by setting up a silly obstacle course for the kids. Use furniture and household items to create tunnels to crawl under, ‘rivers’ to cross over and walls to climb over. Time each other to see who can complete it the fastest!

Stage a Winter Talent Show

Let the kids take centre stage by hosting a snow day talent contest! Encourage them to showcase any party tricks, comedy skits, dance moves, or musical skills. Make certificates and medals for everyone. Then finish with hot chocolates as you cuddle up and watch your little stars’ winning performances.

Whether these are your children or you are caring for foster children with ISP Fostering, snow days don’t have to be miserable. Instead, treat them as an excuse to have some much-needed fun!

These special snow day memories will last long after the snow melts away!