Whether you want to save for a big purchase such as a new home or a once in a lifetime holiday, or whether you just need to make your day to day living more budget friendly, here are seven ways that you can save money in your daily spending.

Take a Packed Lunch

When heading off to work in the morning the quicker option may be to grab lunch in the office or out and about. But this can add up when doing this every day. If you want to tighten your budget, then a simple way to save some money every day is to take a packed lunch instead. By preparing this quickly in the morning, perhaps when you’re already making lunch for the kids, you can soon reduce how much you are spending every day. Get yourself a sophisticated looking lunch box from Modern Picnic and you can even take your lunch in style. The Modern Picnic lunch box comes complete with pouches for knives, forks and spoons, so you’re not limited to just a sandwich at lunch time.

Have a Staycation

Instead of vacationing somewhere exotic this year, why not stay closer to home? There is still plenty to explore in your more local area, or even discover different parts of the country. With people renting out their own homes and holiday homes becoming increasingly popular, there is a great opportunity to still have a holiday with the family, while not spending as much as you normally would.

Consider Pre-owned

There are plenty of apps now available on your cell phone for buying used and pre-owned clothing. This is a great way to get bargain clothes, some of which are in excellent condition. This is especially great for young kids who seem to grow so quickly. Not only can you spend less money on clothes that they will soon grow out of anyway, but you can also sell their old clothing that is now too small to make some extra money. 

Meal Prep

When doing your food shop, you can save time and money by actually thinking about what meals you are going to cook in advance. Rather than spending more money on things you may not then eat and having food waste, you are only buying the ingredients that you actually need. You could also benefit from batch cooking. Make larger meals than necessary and freeze leftovers for the following week.

Reduce Energy Costs

Get a smart thermostat installed at home in order to help reduce your energy bills. By using things such as a smart thermostat, installing LED light bulbs and using smart plugs that turn off once no longer needed, you can help reduce your energy consumption, which is not only great for the planet, but great for your wallet too.

Switch Your Cell Phone Provider

If you are nearing the end of your cell phone contract, don’t just automatically renew with your current provider thinking they will be giving you the best deal. By spending just 10 minutes shopping around for better deals, you may end up saving more than you think each month. 

In conclusion, these are just a few ideas that are easy enough to implement into everyday life that can soon help you to spend less and save more.